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The direction of the molecular chain extension (C axis) of the fiber product is parallel to the fiber axis, and the entire molecular chain is in the state of root extension in the fiber(white fused alumina). The analysis shows that the density can reach 0.9934g / cm, which is very close to the theoretically calculated value of the ideal body (1.00g / cm)(green silicon carbide). One type is the main chain, which is composed of liquid crystal and flexible links alternately, called the main chain liquid products. 

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The length of the bidimensional crystal can greatly exceed the actual length of the molecular chain, indicating that there are different molecular chains in the fiber product(white aluminum oxide). Sometimes the polymer crystallizes under stress to form a structure similar to Shenzhu, which is called Shenpin(black silicon carbide). The extended-chain crystal polymer is bonded under a very high pressure, and a plate-like crystal with fully extended molecular chain can be obtained.

For example, polyethylene can produce an extended chain product with a melting point of 140.1 ° C under a pressure of 490 MPa and a temperature of 226 ° C(brown aluminium oxide). Therefore, corresponding to this, the density of other types of vinyl products is less than the theoretical density, indicating that there are non-product phases coexisting with the polymer products(aluminum oxide abrasive). The polymer quilt state can be roughly divided into two categories according to the position of the original liquid crystal.

Polymer crystals have the following characteristics: from the long chain characteristics of dry polymers(brown fused alumina price), in most cases, polymers are discharged into the unit cell in units of segments (or repeating units). The internal rotation of the polymer chain, like the low molecule, is not completely free, which is also due to the interaction between the atoms in the molecule(aluminum oxide grit). The aggregation state of crystalline polymers is always accompanied by disordered non-product parts.

But it is worth noting that the boundary between the product area and the non-product area of the case compound is not very clear(black corundum). Description Polymer crystals need to consider not only their microstructure (pincell, conformation), but also the diversity of their macroscopic or submicroscopic morphology. The body structure has multiple characteristics(synthetic corundum). In the home collective, the crystalline state and non-form state of the polymer often coexist in two phases.

There are different degrees of order in the same sample, and it is difficult to specify exactly which part belongs to the product(pink corundum). Different test methods correspond to different essences of the ordered state, or the "knot product" part has different physical meanings in different test methods, so the measured degree of knot product sometimes varies greatly(emery abrasive). Crystallinity, as the name implies, is a measure of the degree of product, called side chain liquid crystal.

Therefore, even in the polymer aggregates that have been finished, in addition to the product area, there is still a non-product area(silicon carbide abrasive). Another type of molecular backbone is flexible, rigid liquid products are originally connected to the side chain. The association between them makes the crystal structure of ion molecules much more complicated than the crystal structure of small molecules(white aluminum oxide rubbing compound). Polymer crystals are essentially molecular crystals.

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