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To obtain a good bonding strength, the necessary condition is that the adhesive completely wets the surface of the material to be adhered(white fused alumina). Generally, the metal surfaces have high surface free energy, while most organic adhesives are high dishes with low surface free energy(white aluminum oxide sand). They can be well infiltrated between them, but the metal we actually get is not clean, neither is a pure metal surface, and there is often a layer of rust or oxide on their surface.

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According to thermodynamic principles, if this pollution The layer is an organic substance with low surface energy(white aluminum oxide), which will affect the adhesion of the adhesive to the metal surface, and the cohesive strength of this polluted layer is very low, and its presence generally reduces the bonding strength. For this reason, the contact angle at this time is high. This inspection method is usually called "water film method"(black silicon carbide). However, the sugar content cannot exceed a certain limit.

Usually the simple way to determine the cleanliness of the surface of the adhered material is to observe the water droplets are not wet and spread on the surface or directly measure the size of the contact angle(white corundum). On a clean surface, the water droplets should quickly expand completely and form a layer on the surface The continuous unbroken water film, the contact angle measured at this time is very small or even zero(aluminum oxide abrasive).

As mentioned earlier, in the process of metal manufacturing, cutting, shaping, heat treatment, transportation and storage, a layer of organic and inorganic dyestuffs are adsorbed on the surface to varying degrees(aluminum oxide grit). On the contrary, on an unclean surface, water droplets are difficult to spread so that many cracked water films or water droplets are formed(white fused alumina make company). When the dirt on the surface is removed, the contact angle is greatly reduced to a military level.

To obtain good bonding strength, the contact angle of the surface of the material to be bonded should be small or even military(brown fused alumina price). It can be considered that the water-borne contaminants covered on the aluminum surface have been removed and replaced by an adsorbent layer (such as water) with higher surface free energy(aluminium oxide for blasting). Therefore, for the cap, the contact angle is the smallest and the bonding strength is also the highest.

After studying the relationship between the contact angle(green silicon carbide), the wetting area and the bonding strength of metals such as aluminum, stainless steel and stainless steel, it was further proved that the method of measuring the floor antenna's angle to represent the relationship between cleanliness and bonding strength is the best choice for surface treatment The good conditions are of certain reference significance(synthetic corundum). Physical and chemical methods must be used to treat the material to be clean.

For a long time, it has been known that mechanical sanding can increase the bonding strength of metals(silicon carbide abrasive). Whether sanding cloth or sandblasting is used to treat the withered material, properly roughening the surface can improve the dry strength. Too much sugar on the surface will reduce the bonding strength. Because the surface that is too rough cannot be well diffused by the adhesive(emery abrasive), residual air, etc., is not good for bonding.

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