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It's not surprising that the methods of doing and the organization of personnel and types of work are easy to complete the same operation in different ways(white fused alumina manufacturers pakistan). Some factories in China generally pay more attention to product standards than operation standards and management standards. The table shows that a factory has been used for many years in practice A schedule of workshop operations. 

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Taking technical conditions as an example, the standard technical conditions of an electrolysis series should be its most resident technical conditions(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). But it should also be noted that the part of the operation that is not in accordance with the standard may ruin most of the results of the operation in accordance with the standard(white fused alumina manufacturers pakistan). This is the reason for low indicators, high material consumption and production fluctuation.

There are two reasons(white fused alumina manufacturers pakistan): one is that operators use habits to replace standards, and the other is that they have not created customer conditions for operators to implement operating standards(silicon carbide grit). At present, the reason why this situation can be sustained is that the standard technical conditions can be smoothly realized under the existing equipment, production conditions and operation management level after a long time of production practice.. 

When managers promote the implementation of operating standards and management standards(aluminum oxide sandblasting), they should simultaneously use methods such as publicizing the meaning, organizing learning, quality assessment, commenting and discussing, distinguishing rewards and ideas, and eliminating difficulties in implementing the standards in a timely manner(white fused alumina manufacturers pakistan). The phenomenon shows that it is quite common for the implementation of some standards to violate other standards in existing factories.

The traditional thought thinks that it's OK to do it(white fused alumina manufacturers pakistan). The operations related to tool manufacturing and equipment operation and maintenance include alumina fertilizer (aluminum handle) casting, aluminum electrolysis control system operation and maintenance, multi-functional crown block operation and maintenance(aluminum oxide blast media canada), raw material transportation and flue gas purification system operation and maintenance, etc.

Other standards may not be fully applied to new plants(green silicon carbide). Secondly, standardize the process and technical standards and all management work, and formulate corresponding technical standards and management(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). In addition to the standards of political work, operation and welfare, in terms of production and technical management, the minimum should formulate specific standards for the following categories of management(white fused alumina manufacturers pakistan).

The modern management thought holds that the general Xiangsheng once discussed the ideological methods of modern pre compensation tank management(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Mainly in the electrolytic aluminum plant, the rectification, anode manufacturing, transmission, testing, maintenance, fleet and other workshops all focus on electrolytic production and provide power, anode and various services in the electrolytic workshop(white fused alumina manufacturers pakistan).

He pointed out that for the promotion of electrolytic production management(pink corundum), we should establish the ideological methods of "maintaining stability", "technical conditions are more important than operation quality", "reducing cotton temperature", "prevention first" and "paying attention to congenital"(aluminum oxide sandblast media): starting from process analysis, we should establish "bionic analysis" And the idea of "reducing variables"(white fused alumina manufacturers pakistan).

If the phenomenon that affects the implementation of the standards is left unchecked, it will greatly dilute the enthusiasm of the operators to implement the standards(white fused alumina manufacturers pakistan). On the contrary, if the formulated standard technical conditions can not be smoothly realized no matter how hard, it is not the production series (or this stage) of the enterprise The best technical conditions should be considered to revise the standard(gma garnet).

The quality of these workshops will eventually be reflected in the electrolytic production indicators(steel grid). Therefore, the implementation of operation standards is not only the obligation of the electrolytic workshop, but also requires all workshops in the whole plant, Everyone checks the post and the whole plant mobilizes(white fused alumina manufacturers pakistan). The individuality of experience and the randomness of disposal cannot be tolerated by modern mass production(aluminium oxide powder).

There is a certain rhythm in daily work, and so does every month(white fused alumina manufacturers pakistan). Engaging in the same labor and manufacturing the same products, this requires a high degree of uniformity in operating methods, management systems, and product standards(black aluminum oxide). Workshops and posts that do not implement standards are not allowed to exist, and workshops and posts are not allowed to implement some standards and violate other standards.

The formulation and implementation of operating standards and management standards are to ensure that the electrolytic machine has the best barrel condition and conditions when operating under standard process technical conditions(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). The purpose is to stay the most technical and economic indicators. Violation is a violation of objective laws and will inevitably be punished by objective laws(white fused alumina manufacturers pakistan). A habit should be cultivated.

For a large number of large industries with strong continuity(abrasive blast media), high degree of mechanization and automation, and interlocking processes, hundreds or thousands of people are gathered together(white fused alumina manufacturers pakistan). The manager of the workshop should help the operator and the most direct manager to establish a kind of Concept(aluminium oxide blast media): Operational standards and management standards are sacred laws that cannot be violated in production.

Therefore, in modern factories, the formulation and implementation of standards is an important part of production management(brown fused alumina). Only by earnestly doing these tasks and persevering will it be possible to bring production targets to a new level(white fused alumina manufacturers pakistan). The electrolysis workshop and other vehicles must abide by the agreed timetable for coordination, and synchronize the actions to complete the tasks in a coordinated and efficient manner(corundum sand).

For example, the next month's tank benchmark discussion meeting will be held on the 25th to 26th in the district, the workshop will hold every production technology seminar on the 12th and 22nd, the production technology summary meeting will be held on the 3rd to 5th, and the process quality will be held on the 8th to 9th(white fused alumina manufacturers pakistan). Seminars and so on(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). The leader emphasized that the implementation of the standard is just a situation of empty shouting.

Therefore(garnet sand), all personnel in the workshop must not only observe the labor discipline stipulated by the factory, but also strictly observe the operation time on the work schedule, and must not delay or reverse the order of work (especially the time of delivery) without reason(white fused alumina manufacturers pakistan). Mainly according to the working schedule of the electrolysis workshop, the rhythm of other workshops is listed to form the working rhythm of the whole factory(120 grit aluminum oxide).

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