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There are many factors that affect the decomposition process of sodium aluminate solution seed crystals(white fused alumina). The main functions are temperature, caustic concentration, and seed properties. Each is described below. Satapath et al. believe that increasing the temperature can reduce the rate(black silicon carbide), agglomerate fine particles and accelerate the growth of crystals, and nucleation can be controlled by increasing the temperature.

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Generally speaking, a decrease in temperature will increase the supersaturation of the solution, which will help to increase the decomposition rate(white aluminum oxide). The causticity ratio is low, the higher the reasonable concentration, the optimum temperature is determined by the opposite effect of concentration and decomposition depth(aluminum oxide abrasive). found that at the initial stage of decomposition, the maximum decomposition rate will occur at a certain alkali concentration.

(white fused alumina micro powder producers canada)At the same time, the increase of solution viscosity at low temperature will inhibit the decomposition process(white corundum), so the appropriate decomposition temperature is very important for a reasonable decomposition system, which slows down the decomposition rate. Milind believes that under certain caustic ratio conditions(aluminum oxide grit), the maximum decomposition rate can be obtained at a certain temperature, so the temperature can be reduced to increase the rate.

This formula shows that there are people who believe that the decomposition rate is the fastest at the high temperature in the early stage of decomposition(brown fused alumina price), and the fastest at the low temperature in the later stage of decomposition, and that the decomposition rate is faster at the low temperature in the later stage of decomposition(synthetic corundum). Formation of coarse-grained Al(OH)3 crystals. When the content of Al2O3 is high, it is liquid Of the decomposition rate.(white fused alumina micro powder producers canada)

Tschamper believes that the high initial decomposition temperature and low seed surface area are conducive to agglomeration(black aluminum oxide). Under the low initial decomposition temperature and high seed surface area, the decomposition process is mainly used for crystal growth and limited nucleation. Cannot happen. However, if the temperature is too low, the rate of secondary nucleation will increase and the product will be refined(emery abrasive). The agglomeration is under such conditions.

(white fused alumina micro powder producers canada)J. Scott studied the effect of temperature and seed crystals on Al2O3 in detail(pink aluminum oxide). It is believed that for coarse seed crystals, increasing the temperature can strengthen the growth of the body and agglomeration of particles on the seed crystals, and increase the particle size of the washed particles(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit); for fine seeds, High temperature will reduce the precipitation amount of aluminum hydroxide, but has little effect on agglomeration.

Yamada et al. believe that increasing the temperature can significantly shorten the induction period and reduce the number of new crystal nuclei(silicon carbide abrasive). When the content of Al2O3 is low, it is the concentration that has a decisive influence on the unit production capacity(aluminum oxide blasting media). If the causticizing ratio is kept constant and the period of increasing causticizing alkali concentration exceeds the optimal area, it will reduce the output and lead to product refinement.(white fused alumina micro powder producers canada)

If the alkali concentration increases, the solubility of alumina in the sodium aluminate solution will increase(green silicon carbide), so the molecular ratio is the same but the supersaturation does decrease. The fine particles of less than 5um made of aluminate decomposition accelerator are used as seed crystals and decomposed. Although the output rate is improved, it brings difficulties to industrial production(brown aluminum oxide factory). And the optimal alkali concentration increases as the initial feasible ratio decreases.

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