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White Fused Alumina Micro Powder Suppliers Middle East

The function of the binder is to bind the refractory powder particles together to make the coating have a certain strength and make the coating adhere to the surface of the pattern to prevent the coating from falling off or cracking on the surface of the foam pattern(white fused alumina). In addition, there are ordinary clays whose mineral components are mainly kaolin, and white clay also belongs to this category(garnet abrasive price).

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The above-mentioned suspending agent also has a certain bonding ability(glass beads manufacturers), but the added amount of suspending agent cannot be too high, so the coating strength is not enough, and a bonding agent is needed. The bonding agent for coating can be divided into inorganic bonding agent and organic bonding agent(silicon carbide grinding). Each type of binder can be divided into hydrophilic and hydrophobic types.(white fused alumina micro powder suppliers middle east)

The former can also be called a high temperature adhesive, and the latter can be called a low temperature adhesive(white aluminum oxide). The hydrophilic type is used for water-based coatings, and the hydrophobic type is used for alcohol-based coatings. There are many types of clay clay, and bentonite, attapulgite, rectorite, etc(glass bead abrasive). and oxidizing chemicals, used as suspending agents can be used as binders, and have poor adhesion.

(white fused alumina micro powder suppliers middle east)Ordinary clay particles are coarser, have a small water absorption capacity, have a small expansion ratio after water absorption(green carborundum). However, it has a high refractoriness, has a small shrinkage during drying and is not easy to crack, refractory clay, which is beneficial to improve the high-temperature crack resistance of the coating(brown aluminum oxide 120 grit blast media). Xanthan gum is an ideal thickener and stabilizer in water-based coatings.

Adding 0.2% of xanthan gum can make the flow deformation of the coating become a pseudoplastic fluid with a yield value(white corundum). Bentonite has a small particle size and has a volume after absorbing water. Silica sol is made by concentrating the water glass after ion exchange. Phosphate is mainly used as a binder for refractory materials(aluminum oxide grit mesh size f16). It is white or light yellow powder, soluble in alcohol, ethyl acetate, etc.(white fused alumina micro powder suppliers middle east)

Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is formed by shrinking polyvinyl alcohol and butyraldehyde in acidic medium(brown fused alumina price). Swelling several times to tens of times, the bonding force is large, usually 2 to 3 times larger than ordinary clay, but its refractoriness is low, usually below 1200~1300 ℃, it is easy to shrink and crack when dry, and the bentonite in the coating does not exceed 4%(steel shot abrasive). The syrup contains 70%~75% dry matter.

(white fused alumina micro powder suppliers middle east)It is a multi-molecular polymer of silicic acid and a milky white solution(black aluminum oxide). Silica-soluble amine is often used as a bonding agent for investment casting coatings and metal mold casting coatings, and also as a bonding agent for lost foam coatings. It can form a stable thickening system when coexisting with acids, alkalis, salts, enzymes, surfactants, preservatives(aluminum oxide polish), and maintain the original rheology.

It is a colorless, odorless and extremely viscous liquid or white powder(pink aluminum oxide). The density of the liquid is 1.44~1.47g/em (25℃). It is easily soluble in water. Hardening at room temperature, strong chemical bonding, high temperature resistance, shock resistance, peeling resistance, high temperature air erosion resistance, usually greater than 1580°C(brown fused alumina powder), strong infrared absorption ability and good insulation performance.(white fused alumina micro powder suppliers middle east)

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