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White Fused Alumina Micro Powder Wholesale Mexico

For the preparation of the binding agent, the binding agent is stirred and dissolved in warm water in a small mixer(fused alumina). When firing slender alumina insulated tubes and round bar products that cannot be punched, a small mud ball of the same material should be used at the top to play the role of hanging support(aluminium oxide for blasting), and a small mud ball at the bottom The role of the counterweight ensures that the product is not deformed during the winding process.

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The firing temperature of the high-temperature roller is 1500~1550℃, and the heat preservation is 2-4h(arc fused alumina). To reduce cracking of the green body, the fine powder raw materials must be dried by spray granulation. When machine-press forming various products, the production process is simple, and large-sized products and special-shaped products can be processed(brown fused alumina for abrasive). Take the granular material with brick sand less than 0.9mm, grind it in porcelain ball mill for 40h, and the particle size is 8-20um.

(white fused alumina micro powder wholesale mexico)The technical indicators of Sm60 high temperature ceramic root rod with a length of 4m(silicon carbide price): Al2O3≥74%, bulk density≥2.40g/em, water absorption rate≤10%, apparent porosity≤24%, bending strength≥45MPa, 1300℃-air cooling, Thermal shock resistance ≥ 8 times(brown fused alumina bfa grade a manufaturer). Machine-pressed products are various products formed using hydraulic presses, friction brick presses, pressurized vibration forming machines and isostatic presses.

The types of machined products are: sintered alumina products (alumina ceramics), reactive bonded corundum bricks, sintered combined corundum bricks, fused and combined corundum bricks, etc. Granulation, using sintered a-alumina powder as the raw material, when the sintered alumina products are formed by dry method on an isostatic press, in order to increase the packing density(aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor). The pressure spray granulation method is better than the centrifugal spray granulation method.

The particle size distribution after raw material granulation is reasonable and the fluidity is good(white aluminum oxide). Mixing in a high-speed mixing drum, raw material: water = 1: 1~0.8, adding a plasticized binder PVA saturated solution 4%~5% (1% as dry powder), emulsified paraffin 0.5%~1.0% , Lubricant oleic acid and an appropriate amount of defoamer(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit). The upper inlet hot air temperature of the spray dryer is 400~440℃, and the lower outlet temperature is 120-130℃.(white fused alumina micro powder wholesale mexico)

The mud is sent to the nozzle of the lower part of the dryer by a diaphragm pump (pressure 1.5 to 2.0 MPa), and the mud is sprayed upward from the lower part and flows in a reverse direction with the hot air(white corundum). After the heat exchange, it is discharged with the heat flow, and the materials are collected into the collecting cylinder after being formed into balls(white aluminum oxide sand). This chemical attack on corundum bricks and the destructive effect on the structure reduces the service life of corundum bricks.

(white fused alumina micro powder wholesale mexico)Performance of spray granulation material: bulk density 0.8~1.02g/em, water content less than 0.1%, angle of repose 28°(brown fused alumina price); particle size distribution: 0.147mm (+100 mesh) 47%-60%, 0.147-0.104mm (100 -150 mesh) 30%~37%, 0.104-0.074mm (150~200 mesh) less than 8%, less than 0.074mm (200 mesh) less than 7%(white fused alumina make company). Forming, pelletizing materials are used on hydraulic presses, the ruler rate is 15%~17% when the steel mold is formed, and the forming pressure is 50~100MPa.

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