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White Fused Alumina Oxide MFG In Russia

The commonly used method is thermal characteristic analysis. In addition, if the 80 grit aluminum oxide content of silica in bauxite increases by 2%, the power consumption of smelting will increase by about 15%; if the content of Fe2O3 increases by 2%, the power consumption per unit will increase by about 8%. The 100 grit aluminum oxide media block size of bauxite is required to be less than 340mm in general.

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After processing, the white corundum block size should be less than 20mm, of which the block size of 5-20mm is more than 80%, the block size of 5mm is less than 8%, and there should be no powder. Carbon material is a reducing agent for smelting brown corundum and other abrasives. The selection of carbon materials is not very strict in abrasive smelting such as 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media, its induced magnetism will decrease greatly.(white fused alumina oxide mfg in russia)

However, the smelting time of 220 grit aluminum oxide is long, so all kinds of carbon materials with reaction ability are basically available. The particle size of carbon material should correspond to the capacity of electric furnace, but it is not sensitive. Generally speaking, the capacity of electric furnace is large, and the 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight particle size of carbon material can be correspondingly larger, and it will also burn at the furnace mouth.

(white fused alumina oxide mfg in russia)The 2500kVA electric furnace usually uses 5mm size carbon material, among white aluminum oxide which the too small size less than 1mm needs to be controlled, otherwise the flying loss will affect the proportioning proportion. On the other hand, it is also necessary to avoid too large carbon material particles, because when the carbon block is too large, the diffusion area in the 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media furnace is not enough, which is adverse to reduction during smelting.

The increase of these impurities will not only increase the consumption of pink corundum materials and electric energy, increase the cost, but also decrease the quality of corundum abrasive. Because the purpose of adding iron scraps into the furnace charge is to dilute the concentration of ferrosilicon alloy, 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media which is conducive to magnetic separation operation, and also promotes the settlement of ferrosilicon alloy in the furnace.(white fused alumina oxide mfg in russia)

Generally speaking, steel chips such as cast iron chips can be used, but cast iron chips have more advantages than white fused alumina steel chips. The iron chips are brittle and friable, and need no further processing. For steel chips, the length of steel chips milled by planing is short, so it can be applied without any treatment. However, the steel chips processed by lathe tend to grow into 180 grit aluminum oxide coils, and its length must be limited to no more than 60mm.

(white fused alumina oxide mfg in russia)Non ferrous metals will reduce the magnetic induction of black corundum ferroalloys. The other reason is that the non-ferrous metal content of cast iron chips is very small and the carbon content is 5-10 times higher than that of steel chips. The size is suitable for the smelting of 240 grit aluminum oxide, so that ferroalloy has high magnetic induction performance. There are many kinds of carbon materials, and there are differences in reaction ability between them.

The carbon in the iron filings is beneficial to the reduction of bauxite. The brown fused alumina price requirements for the chemical composition of cast iron chips are: Fe > 88%, Si < 2.5%, Al < 0.4%. The amount of iron chips can be determined by the content of silicon oxide and iron oxide in bauxite. When the fine grit aluminum oxide content of silicon in ferroalloy is more than 20%. Iron filings are used as diluent and clarifier in the treatment of brown corundum. 

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