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White Fused Alumina Powder Wholesale Suppliers Italy

Therefore, the powder liquid ratio of coating is usually controlled indirectly by measuring the viscosity of flow cup(white fused alumina); When silica sol coating is applied to produce some parts with fine patterns, patterns or words on the surface, in order to improve the surface clarity, vacuum method can be used to dip the surface coating(brown fused alumina for sale). When casting with high surface quality requirements, the transition layer refractory should be the same as the surface layer.

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The process performance of the coating mainly includes: viscosity, density, fluidity, dispersion uniformity, suspension stability, coverage, etc(glass beads manufacturers). There are many types and specifications of flow cup used to determine the viscosity of coating in investment casting production(white fused alumina abrasives). The measured seconds represent the flow of coating Cup viscosity, in seconds (s). The commonly used wax mold cleaning agents include solvent and water-based type.

(white fused alumina powder wholesale suppliers italy)Viscosity is an important process performance of silica sol coating(brown fused aluminum oxide). In production, flow cup viscometer is often used to measure the viscosity of silica sol coating, which is called flow cup viscosity. The figure shows the Chinese standard flow cup commonly used in investment casting workshops in China, with a capacity of 100ml and an export diameter of 6mm(steel shot abrasive), which is commonly used in sodium silicate And silica sol coating.

The viscosity measurement method of flow cup is to block the lower flow outlet of the flow cup with fingers(black aluminum oxide), then pour the coating to be tested into the cup with a little excess, so that the surplus coating overflows into the side groove, and then release the finger to make the coating flow out(80 grit aluminum oxide). At the same time, press the stopwatch to count until the continuous flow stops for the first time. Press the stop watch and record the time.(white fused alumina powder wholesale suppliers italy)

The flow cup viscosity is the time value of quantitative fluid flowing out of the flow cup under variable pressure head(white corundum). It is expressed in the unit second (s) of time. Therefore, the flow cup viscosity is not a standard absolute viscosity (kinematic viscosity or dynamic viscosity), but only a practical "viscosity" comparative value(glass bead abrasive). The size of the outflow time reflects the thickness and fluidity of the coating, and indirectly reflects the powder to liquid ratio of the coating to a certain extent.

(white fused alumina powder wholesale suppliers italy)In order to realize the stable control of the powder liquid ratio of the silica sol coating, so as to control the process performance and quality of the silica sol coating(pink aluminum oxide). The transition layer coating is usually composed of silica sol and kaolinite clinker, which has the same ingredients as the back coating, but the addition amount of refractory powder is slightly higher than that of the back layer(100 grit aluminum oxide media), so as to facilitate the mutual combination of the layers.

In order to improve the wettability of the coating on the surface of the investment mold(white aluminum oxide), the module should be cleaned and degreased before dipping the coating to remove the parting agent (such as silicone oil) on the surface of the investment mold. The commonly used wax mold cleaning agents are trichloroethane, alcohol, butanone, acetone, etc(garnet abrasive price); At present, the viscosity and density of coating are measured regularly in investment casting enterprises at home and abroad.

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