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White Fused Alumina Suppliers In China

The function of the electrode holder is to clamp or loosen the electrode, send white fused alumina power to the electrode and control the electrode to move up and down with the cooperation of the lifting mechanism. Electrode holder is composed of green carborundum electrode chuck, cross arm, electrode hanging device, etc.

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According to the structure of the black corundum electrode lifting mechanism, the column type electrode hanging device can be divided into two kinds of hanging devices, i.e. lifting slide and fixed column (trolley type) and movable vertical and fixed vertical. The basic requirements of electrode holder for electrode holder (electrode holder) are that it has enough arc fused alumina mechanical strength and service life, it can firmly hold the electrode, and it is not allowed to slide down.

(white fused alumina suppliers in china)The electric energy loss of the white aluminum oxide chuck itself and the contact between the chuck and the electrode should be small, and it is convenient to lower the electrode and maintain it. Commonly used electrode holders are clamp type, ring type and spring pneumatic type. The silicon carbide companies clamp type chuck consists of 2-4 conductive jaws and 2-4 steel parts hinged by pins. The joint is screwed down with screws.

There is no water cooling in the collet itself, and there is no electrical insulation between the pink corundum conductive jaw and the steel parts, so there is current passing through the pins and bolts and a ferromagnetic closed circuit is formed. This kind of collet is only used in small-scale furnace because of its large power loss, heavy maintenance work and inconvenient operation of fused alumina electrode lowering.(white fused alumina suppliers in china)

The joint of the pins is made of sleeves and washers made of bronze HT SI80. The brown aluminium oxide pins are hollow water-cooled structures. The half ring is a hollow structure made of cast steel (z15). Due to the water cooling and electrical insulation devices, the device has a long service life and a small loss of electric energy, but the electrode must still be placed on the furnace top platform for operation.

(white fused alumina suppliers in china)The two hemispheres are connected by pins. The silicon carbide price device is suitable for large and medium-sized furnace. In the collet of spring pneumatic holder, the electrode is supported by the tension of pre tightening spring, and the release of the pull ring or the pressure block is realized by the cylinder. This kind of artificial corundum collet can be divided into two types: top bar type and pull rod type.

The ring type chuck consists of a conductive jaw, a half ring (water ring) and a brown fused alumina price pressing device. Figure 1-6-6 shows the spring yellow top bar type chuck, which relies on the tension of the spring to press the electrode in the front of the chuck through the top bar. After the cylinder is filled with compressed air, the electrode is relaxed after the aluminium oxide sandblasting spring is compressed by the lever mechanism.(white fused alumina suppliers in china)

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