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White Fused Alumina WFA Grains Manufacturers UAE

In the process of slow changing and edge closing, the opening time of cotton cover plate is reduced, and the purpose of heat preservation is strengthened(white fused alumina). The oxidation concentration can be misjudged by entering the electrolytic cell without raising electrode distance(white aluminium oxide grit). The resistance curve of rising voltage without raising electrode distance is formed, which will inevitably lead to voltage electrode distance after falling.

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In general, it is necessary to reduce the opening work of electricity department, and the time of pole changing should be used in the operation of bottom protection or carbon slag drilling(silicon carbide abrasive). Operation quality management. Low pressure production control area is small, and operation quality requirements are high. We should strengthen the management of face protection(synthetic corundum). New problems will appear in low voltage production every moment.(white fused alumina WFA grains manufacturers uae)

According to the relationship between power consumption and current efficiency of low-voltage production in different areas(white aluminum oxide), a is the limit voltage that can be reduced, and the range A-B is the low-voltage operation area. Because the anodes of the electrolyzer are parallel, the quality and conductivity of the protective surface are uniform(garnet suppliers), which can not only reduce the pressure drop with roughness, but also facilitate the uniformity of hand protection.

(white fused alumina WFA grains manufacturers uae)If the electrolysis temperature is too low, the electrolyte will become sticky, the carbon will not be separated, and the oxidation and dissolution will not be good(white aluminium oxide blasting media); if the voltage is too high, the side guard collected in the process of voltage reduction will burn, which will cause the money accumulated on the furnace side(aluminum oxide grit). And the fluctuation range should not be greater than C. It is beneficial to control the energy voltage by keeping 45 ~ 50 ℃.

If the voltage is on the right side of dry b value, the electrical efficiency has no increasing trend, but the power consumption is obviously increasing(white corundum). Low voltage production is to reduce power consumption, obtain lower production cost and increase current rate within the allowable range. It is well known that the slow distance is reduced to a certain extent (according to roseith et al., the limit polar distance is 2-3cm)(garnet abrasive). Low voltage is of significance.(white fused alumina WFA grains manufacturers uae)

95% current efficiency can also be obtained when the electrode distance is more than 3.5cm(pink corundum), which indicates that the main factors affecting the current efficiency are the stability of the electrolytic cell, the concentration of alumina and the discharge of anode gas(aluminum oxide abrasive). The current efficiency will drop rapidly, and the power consumption will also go up. Therefore, it is necessary to search for the best voltage operation mode near a.

(white fused alumina WFA grains manufacturers uae)However, the current efficiency will not decrease too much(brown fused alumina price). Only when the voltage is near both sides of a, with the increase of current efficiency, the power consumption can be reduced. The main problems and solutions of low pressure production. Reduce the material mechanism, improve the surface smoothness(emery abrasive). If the polar distance is less than that of the extreme, take the 420 Ka electrolysis in Shandong Province as an example.

Keep the proper temperature(black corundum). It is mainly reflected in the serious cold stroke of electrolytic cotton and the formation of abnormal furnace particles. Large amplitude voltage fluctuation and rollover, which increase labor intensity and lose the significance of low energy consumption, are all solved by recording array(black silicon carbide). The blanking level is the first number of the cold and hot changes of the electrolytic cell in the pressure estimation production.(white fused alumina WFA grains manufacturers uae)

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