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White Fused Alumina WFA Grains Suppliers Canada

Mechanized, intelligent and interconnected protection equipment has been widely used in electrolytic aluminum plant(white fused alumina), which provides a strong guarantee for the reliability of dry power supply. Access to the single reading demand traveling wave device mainly uses dry filtering to remove the main special harmonic quilt in the band wave source, such as current time(aluminum oxide blast media), 5 times, 7 times, 11 times, etc.

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In view of the above problems, in the design of the rectifier power supply system(brown fused alumina mesh size F20), the valve side of the rectifier transformer and the AC incoming line side of the rectifier cabinet are directly connected, so that the front Mingda can buy continuously within 0 seconds, and the crimping mode of the current shielding frame elements is double bridge shaft type(black silicon carbide manufacturers). In essence, the rectifier cabinet can operate efficiently for a long time.(white fused alumina WFA grains suppliers canada)

As a rectifier power supply system for electrolysis, it needs to provide strong dc current, and once the system is put into operation, it must supply power continuously(black corundum). At the same time, the maintenance cycle is long, the minor repair is 6 years, and the major repair is carried out once every 12 years, which greatly reduces the working type of workers(pink fused alumina factory). It is based on these advantages that GLS switch station equipment is widely used in the electrolytic group series.

(white fused alumina WFA grains suppliers canada)There are many kinds and important types of electrical protection equipment used in electrolytic aluminum plant(white aluminum oxide). It is mainly used to operate the cophase parallel rectifying all electric system adopted by the general election of domestic fine electricians. Since the 1990s, there have been accidents on the connecting line, resulting in huge losses(refractory grade black silicon carbide). The current value of short-circuit sensitive barrier is large, hundreds to thousands of Ka.

So as to reduce the temperature of transformer oil to below the flash point(pink corundum), at the same time, the chlorine gas covers the surface of the transformer to reduce the oxygen concentration, and then the oxygen is continuously stored in the tank for at least 30 minutes, so that the transformer can be fully cooled and the foundation can be prevented(fused aluminium oxide). Therefore, the rectifier power supply system is required to have high reliability.(white fused alumina WFA grains suppliers canada)

The reason is due to the state-owned defects in the structure(white corundum). There is no arc extinguishing distance after arcing. Under the action of the electric force of the cylinder circuit current, the safety of the structure is damaged, and the AC and DC short circuit occurs. There are design defects in the selection of components, rapid melting fit, press mounting structure and steel bus(black silicon carbide factory), which lead to the arcing code explosion of rectifier.

(white fused alumina WFA grains suppliers canada)In general, the rear double bridge is used in the rectifier cabinet(white aluminum oxide 150 mesh). The problem of direct connection between rectifier device and rectifier transformer is solved, and the safety problem of in-phase parallel rectifier device is solved. Long time power failure will cause serious consequences, which will make the whole series advance(brown fused alumina factory). The power inquiry is stable, the control response is sensitive, and the DC output power has a margin.

In general, take the selection of 400kA electrolytic series current relying device components in a factory as an example(brown fused alumina price): it is known that a series of current is 400kA, series voltage is about 1000V, and 4-inch high-power low loss crimping type two-stage tube components are used. The average forward current is it (AV) = 4700a and the repetitive peak reverse voltage is urrm = 4400v(buy brown fused alumina). It is not allowed to have the power failure of releasing obstacles.

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