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The electrolyte level in the start-up period decreases from 35cm in the first week(white fused alumina), 28-30em in the second week, 28cm in the third week, 25em in the fourth stage, and 2-4cm in the fourth stage. After the new tank irrigation machine is started, the level is about 18cm, which should not be kept too high. After the initial product temperature is high, although relatively high voltage(garnet suppliers). The number should be linked is an assessment basis.

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It is simple to start the process with coke granules, which is not different from that of the new series of electrolytic sugar(green silicon carbide). The heat preservation material is used as the covering material to keep the heat of the electrolytic cell, which is mainly composed of alumina, and can also be used as the surface shell crushing material(synthetic corundum). With the decrease of voltage, the furnace cavity gradually forms and the aluminum flow surface decreases.(white fused alumina WFA grains suppliers usa)

Although the current efficiency is not high, the actual aluminum amount is produced, which makes the level of aluminum increase gradually(white aluminum oxide). From the first month, the aluminum level should be no more than 22cm. At the initial stage of start-up, there was no furnace side formed in the electrolytic inspection, the heat absorption of plant inner seal was large, and the heat expenditure of electrolytic cell increased(aluminum oxide sandblast media). It is necessary to add icicle.

(white fused alumina WFA grains suppliers usa)The later management is very difficult. However, the effective voltage should not be too high and the time should not be too long(silicon carbide abrasive). Therefore, the liquid in the concentrate is full and the electrode distance is high. It is possible to produce or long-term non extinction effect or e-mail acid. With the decline of electric probe, the insulation material of electrolytic cell is covered(aluminum oxide grit). The optimum temperature for the first month is about 970 ℃.

After the third month, the aluminum level was adjusted to 25-26cm, depending on the precise type(white corundum). After the start-up, the inner materials of the electric wall were still in the dry endothermic dangerous section, and the zhagou sheet continued to coking, which can be said to be the secondary wax series stage of the electrolytic refining(garnet abrasive). Otherwise, the capacity will be larger and the electrolyte collection will be too fast. The particle size is no more than 1cm.(white fused alumina WFA grains suppliers usa)

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a high coefficient of effect to increase the heat income, melt the bottom sediment and supplement the bottom temperature(pink corundum). It refers to the average number of effects per item allocated to each set of electrolytic cotton, and the smell effect coefficient in normal production period is generally less than 0.02 times / fine mesh(aluminum oxide abrasive). In the second month, the aluminum level gradually increased to 24cm.

(white fused alumina WFA grains suppliers usa)After starting, the voltage and temperature will drop(black corundum). Not only the heat can be maintained by increasing the effect coefficient, but also by applying the heat preservation material for the cover. The time for sealing the insulation material is after the end of the mother(emery abrasive). Refer to the level change of turn over. If the aluminum level is in the rising stage and reaches the initial planned target. If the furnace level is raised quickly, it is easy to form deformity.

The carbon slag in the tank is basically cleaned in place, and thin crust is formed on the surface of electrolyte at the edge(brown fused alumina price). When the voltage drops to 4.3v, the appropriate thickness of insulation material is 15cm. In principle, one-time sealing is in place. In case of serious electrolyte collection, appropriate supplement can be made(black silicon carbide). The sealing and protecting materials should be anodized to avoid the formation of carbon chain.(white fused alumina WFA grains suppliers usa)

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