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The domestic medium and small electrolyzers generally produce aluminum once every 2 to 3 days(white fused alumina wfa grit suppliers colombia), and the large-scale cultivation tank implements the one-time-a-day system(i.e. add an additional voltage after pole change on the basis of the normal set voltage). Therefore, after the residual electrode is raised, the crusts falling into the groove must be fished ashore cleanly(white corundum sand). 

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The anode positioning tools should be kept upright when entering and exiting the electrolytic process surface to weaken the influence of the magnetic field(steel grid). Tools and instruments that are not in use or have been used should be placed on the tool cart in time, and they are not allowed to be thrown away at will. The installation accuracy of new pole is related to the uniform distribution of anode current(white fused alumina wfa grit suppliers colombia). 

When scribing with a caliper, check whether the anode fixture will fall in advance, and work after confirming that it is safe(glass bead blasting media suppliers). However, it is strictly forbidden to stand under the fixture head-on, and it is strictly forbidden to extend the anode under the bottom palm to avoid scalding and smashing(white fused alumina wfa grit suppliers colombia). During the pole change, the starting cell voltage will increase slightly when the residual pole is raised. 

First of all, under any circumstances(brown aluminum oxide sand), it is forbidden for anyone to work on the surface of the shell. In the process of changing poles, the people who stand on the station are strictly controlled in the moving direction of the crane(white fused alumina wfa grit suppliers colombia). The molten aluminum produced by electrolysis is stored at the bottom of the furnace cavity and needs to be regularly extracted and sent to a special workshop to produce products(sandblasting grit). 

Generally, the amount sucked out per tank should in principle be equal to the amount of lead produced in the cycle (the time between two aluminum taps), which is specifically issued by the district head (determined by one point a day), or given by the computer The indicated quantity (the average value of the three-point measurement is corrected and calculated)(garnet suppliers). The adjustment range should be within 2~4cm(white fused alumina wfa grit suppliers colombia).

Abnormal current distribution in 16 hours(white fused alumina wfa grit suppliers colombia): adjust when the anode current distribution measured within 16 hours is greater than the limit value(aluminium oxide for blasting). And prepare ordinary insulated crane, carrying bag, air pressure hose, charcoal float, socket wrench, manual wrench, aluminum hammer, observation hole glass, asbestos rope, carrying cart, and suction indicating amount (i.e. eliminate the notification of anode replacement).

The suction worker uses a 5 ton jet vacuum to lift the bag according to the indicated amount(brown fused alumina). With the cooperation of the multi-function crane, each bag can suck out 2~4 tanks of aluminum liquid at a time (depending on the tank capacity), and then use it for special transportation. The car is sent to the foundry shop(white alumina grit). When everything is normal, contact the use of ordinary insulated crane and proceed to the next step(white fused alumina wfa grit suppliers colombia).

Check the work records(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit), confirm whether there are any abnormalities in the equipment, whether the plan has been changed, and when there are abnormalities and changes, change the operation time and the plan, and contact the relevant units(white fused alumina wfa grit suppliers colombia). In the event of abnormal operations (such as power-on, start-up, stop of tanks, stop of fingers in an emergency, etc.), conduct a review of the relevant unit and operation plan.

Therefore, the anode positioning operation shall be carried out carefully to ensure the installation accuracy(black aluminum oxide). Inspect the equipment, and check the lorry before and after work(white fused alumina wfa grit suppliers colombia). Notify the phase controller that the pole change is complete (ie, eliminate the notification of material pole replacement), make it exit the monitoring state of anode replacement, and observe the cell voltage to keep it at the set voltage(garnet supply). 

In order to ensure the accuracy of the installation of the new pole, 16 hours after the new pole is installed in the slot, a conductivity check is required(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh), that is, the voltage drop on the new pole guide rod at equal distances (on-site called 16-hour current measurement). If the pole change is not reported, the set-up controller will automatically exit the monitoring state of anode replacement after a certain time(white fused alumina wfa grit suppliers colombia).

Therefore, if you do not contact the computer (do not inform the slot controller), the slot controller will handle it as usual(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit), that is, make voltage adjustment, so that the position of the anode bus will drop after the residual pole is raised, which will inevitably affect the installation accuracy of the new pole(pink aluminum oxide). The anode falls off(white fused alumina wfa grit suppliers colombia). If the anode falls off during inspection tour or pole change, it must be replaced in time.

At the same time, inform the phase controller before pole change, and the grid controller will switch to the monitoring program of rigid pole change without voltage adjustment and monitor the voltage change of the measure(black alumina). Therefore, it is generally necessary to report the completion of pole replacement manually, so that the cotton controller can withdraw from the monitoring state of anode replacement in time(white fused alumina wfa grit suppliers colombia).

Therefore(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit), the pumping controller cannot stop feeding during the anode replacement and within a certain time after the replacement as required, digest the alumina brought into the tank during the pole change process, which will seriously affect the correctness of alumina concentration control(white fused alumina wfa grit suppliers colombia): and the plant controller will not raise the set voltage within a certain time after pole change drilling beam(large group leader).

At the same time, check the leg extension state, whether there is precipitation at the furnace bottom, crust block, cathode bottom palm damage and other abnormalities(green silicon carbide). After the new pole is installed, contact the computer to report the completion of pole replacement, so that the pumping control unit exits the monitoring state of anode replacement(white fused alumina wfa grit suppliers colombia). This is unfavorable to the heat balance control of the electrolytic cell(garnet mesh 30 60).

Some control programs can judge the completion of anode replacement according to the rise of cell voltage when the residual electrode is taken out and the recovery of cell voltage after the new electrode is inserted(brown aluminum oxide 14 grit), but it is not easy to accurately judge the electrolytic cell with unstable voltage(white fused alumina wfa grit suppliers colombia). After confirming the clamping, loosen the anode lifting device of PTM, and then lift the anode lifting device to the upper limit.

Clean the fine edge plate(white corundum 200 mesh), cover the cover plate, operate the exhaust air volume change-over valve to reset, put the tool back on the tool rack according to the regulations, clean the ground, and mark with chalk on the new aluminum guide rod (the marking is to see whether the anode slides, erase other lines before marking, and then draw a line flush between the guide rod and the lower part of the anode bus)(white fused alumina wfa grit suppliers colombia).

The tools and instruments must be preheated before they can be used(black silicon carbide). During the use of tools and instruments, it is necessary to prevent the tools and instruments from being firmly grasped due to the effect of moral field, resulting in short circuit between slots and between slots and buses or hurting people, especially the hot tools and instruments(white fused alumina wfa grit suppliers colombia). Confirm the slot number from the job log and job schedule(brown fused alumina for grinding).

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