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White Fused Alumina Wholesale Suppliers In China

Glass can be seen everywhere in our life, from the tea table tables and chairs at home, screens to cars on the street, brown fused aluminum oxide advertising boards to floor windows and lattices in the office. Glass enriches our life and beautifies our homes. However, there are many raw materials behind this. Today, we will take a look at the application of white aluminum oxide blast media in glass processing. There are many kinds of glass, and the manufacturing process is also complex.

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The links that can use natural emery mainly include cutting modeling and polishing grinding. white fused alumina is used for glass cutting: Glass in different industries will require different shapes, such as automotive glass, furniture glass, bathroom glass, etc. At this time, it is necessary to cut the glass with a water jet cutter, usually a sand adding water jet cutter. The sand here refers to natural emery. the recycled waste green silicon carbide abrasive can also be reused after classification treatment.(white fused alumina wholesale suppliers in china)

It is very good to use water jet cutter to cut glass as fragile material, because the black aluminum oxide water jet cutter will not produce thermal deformation when cutting in cold state, so it does not need secondary treatment. Generally speaking, 80 garnet sand is used to cut glass with water jet cutter. Our pink fused alumina company mainly provides class A and a +. Natural carborundum is used for glass polishing and grinding: Natural emery has a long history as an abrasive.

(white fused alumina wholesale suppliers in china)As early as the Shang and Zhou dynasties, it was used to grind jade. The brown aluminium oxide grinding and polishing of glass is a cold processing method that processes the uneven glass surface to become a flat and smooth surface, or grinds and polishes the shape and size of the glass rough products to meet the specified shape and size requirements, and the surface is very smooth. precautions for selecting black silicon carbide Abrasives during glass processing:

the hardness of pink corundum abrasive used must be greater than that of glass. generally, the grinding efficiency of corundum and natural emery is high, but the price of natural emery is lower and the cost performance is higher. Abrasives shall not contain impurities with large degree and particles, so as to avoid scratches on the glass surface. in different stages of glass grinding operation, aluminum oxide grit abrasive with different particle size is required, and generally graded treatment is required.(white fused alumina wholesale suppliers in china)

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