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White Fused Alumina Wholesale Suppliers Malaysia

The actual particle size of white aluminum oxide is continuously distributed, and the particle size numbers are indeed discrete. After crushing the white aluminum oxide blocks and sieving them through the screen, different particle sizes of aluminum oxide abrasive are produced, such as No. 70 white aluminum oxide.

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This type of white corundum is not completely composed of No. 70 particle size. The coarsest particle may not pass the No. 60 screen, while the thinnest one may not pass the No. 60 screen It is also possible for particles to pass through No. 80 sieve, thus forming a 60-80 particle group. At this time, it is necessary to control the ratio of passing through the sieve, i.e. D50 value, and control the particle size of green silicon carbide through D50 value, so as to realize particle size standardization.

(white fused alumina wholesale suppliers malaysia)The brown fused aluminum oxide in the screening process is divided into the coarsest particle, coarse particle, basic particle, mixed particle and fine particle. The basic particle is the final brown corundum particle size number. The weight of the basic particle is required to be no less than 40% of the overall weight, and other particle sizes are also required. In this way, the granularity of production can meet the standard. The current standard is gb2477-83;

The higher the hardness, the better the grinding performance. The particle size composition of white fused alumina abrasive should conform to the national standard. The particle size inspection shall be carried out according to the "abrasive particle size determination method" specified in the national standard. 8-240 mesh screening method, w63-w0.5 microscope analysis method, and now there are black silicon carbide laser particle size analyzer available. 

(white fused alumina wholesale suppliers malaysia)The black corundum specific production methods are as follows: the above-mentioned bauxite 1000kg, hematite 200kg, anthracite 100kg are used for batching; the raw materials after batching are put into three-phase arc furnace for high-temperature smelting, and the parameter setting is the same as the conventional aluminum oxide grit smelting; cooling, grading screening, granulating, and forming Goods are put in storage.

The reason why pink corundum can be used as abrasives is that it has high hardness and wear resistance, because only materials with high hardness can be used to grind relatively soft things. At the same time, brown corundum has proper crushing resistance and self sharpening, which are contradictory. The service life of baluminum oxide abrasive media depends on its toughness, and the appropriate value must be taken between them.(white fused alumina wholesale suppliers malaysia)

At the same time, silicon carbide abrasive has very good high temperature stability and chemical stability, because in the process of cutting, grinding, polishing and sandblasting, the temperature of the working area is high and the pressure is large, and brown corundum can adapt to the working conditions well. alumina abrasive has high hardness and strength at high temperature, and will not react or decompose with workpiece at high temperature.

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