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White Fused Aluminium Oxide Wholesale Price Switzerland

The proper white corundum can effectively improve the performance of refractories. Do you know where the effect of white corundum on Refractories is? After replacing alumina powder with a proper amount of white corundum powder, the high temperature resistance of refractories is not reduced, but also improved, and the linear change rate of green silicon carbide refractoriness is also increasing.

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The reason is that adding a proper amount of brown fused aluminum oxide can increase the density of the castable properly. At high temperature, white corundum can also form Mullite with micro silica powder, which improves the high temperature strength of the castable. However, white corundum usually contains some impurities. The higher the purity and quality, the less the impurities in black silicon carbide. The content of impurities directly affects the properties of white corundum.

(white fused aluminium oxide wholesale price switzerland)The impurities in white fused alumina mainly include SiO2, TiO2, Fe2O3, etc. These impurities will affect his fire resistance, some of them are fusible, some of them have high melting point, but when they exist together, they may produce fusible substances at high temperature. Therefore, the existence of impurities often plays a role of solubilization on aluminum oxide abrasive refractories, but has a serious harm to the material's resistance to high temperature.

Therefore, when adding white corundum to refractories, high purity black aluminum oxide must be used instead of low purity white corundum. To sum up, you should know the influence of white corundum on refractories. To learn more about white corundum, please refer to our website. In the case of aluminum oxide grit water vapor, carbon dioxide oxidant, the situation is similar to oxidation in air. But at 1627 ℃, the oxidation rate of SiC by H2O and CO2 is smaller.(white fused aluminium oxide wholesale price switzerland)

The feed shall be evenly and continuously fed into the pink aluminum oxide screen surface, so that it is covered with a thin layer along the width of the whole screen, so that the whole screen surface can be fully utilized, and the fine particles can easily pass through the screen holes, so as to improve the screening efficiency and black oxide aluminum production capacity. The increase of feed quantity will increase the screen load and the material layer thickness.

(white fused aluminium oxide wholesale price switzerland)At this time, although the production capacity is slightly improved, the screening efficiency will white aluminum oxide gradually decrease. On the contrary, if the feeding quantity is too small, the production capacity will be affected. If the angle is large, the material will be discharged quickly, the screening time is short, and the screening efficiency is low. Generally, the angle of the shaker is 0 ° to 10 °, and the angle of the corundum abrasive shaker is 0 ° to 25 °.

The angle of the screen installation shall be appropriate. The screening efficiency of the silicon carbide abrasive screening machine is affected by the length of the screen surface. The longer the screen surface is, the longer the material is screened, the higher the screening efficiency; and the size of the screen surface width determines the production capacity. Generally, the ratio of screen width to length is 1:25-1:3.5. Clean and repair the alumina abrasive screen surface in time.(white fused aluminium oxide wholesale price switzerland)

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