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White Fused Aluminum Oxide 60 Grit Manufacturers China

Silicon carbide, carbide and other aluminum oxide sandblasting media, iron oxide, chromium oxide and other polishing powders, in fact, play a major role; it can be said that without abrasives and polishing powders, there is no jade carving process, but it is still known as auxiliary materials. Silicon carbide: also known as "artificial carborundum".

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It is produced by mixing quartz sand (mainly composed of silica) with coke, adding a small amount of brown fused alumina price and salt, and heating it to 1800oC in an electric furnace. The common silicon carbide is black, green and gray because of impurities. The hardness of silicon carbide companies is very high, second only to diamond. Boron carbide: a mixture of boron trioxide and pitch coke, which is heated to 2800oc in an electric furnace.

(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit manufacturers china)The hardness of white fused alumina is also very high, second only to diamond. Abrasive is a kind of powder material with high hardness, which can grind various jade materials. Abrasives with high hardness, sharp edges and corners, good thermal conductivity and cutting performance are ideal abrasives, but they are not widely used due to their high price. green carborundum can be divided into natural abrasive and synthetic abrasive.

At present, the development of artificial black corundum in China is very fast. It can produce three kinds of corundum, carbide and superhard abrasives, several kinds of rice, which plays an important role in the national economy. The most commonly used material in jade carving process is arc fused alumina. The abrasive should have high hardness, thermal stability, chemical stability and certain brittleness.(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit manufacturers china)

Because the hardness of the white aluminum oxide is much higher than that of the processed jade material, the abrasive can be grinded smoothly. In addition, the abrasive has good thermal stability, which can maintain the cutting performance at high temperature. Under the action of grinding force, it can break and renew its cutting edge to keep the abrasive sharp. Pure fused alumina is a colorless crystal, but rarely seen.

(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit manufacturers china)Its hardness is close to that of diamond, and its thermal stability is better than that of diamond. It is especially suitable for pink corundum grinding special hard and tough steel, such as heat-resistant steel, high vanadium, high aluminum, high drilling alloy steel, etc. its grinding efficiency is five times higher than that of diamond and nearly 100 times higher than that of black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit.

The casting micro powder is made of white corundum as the main raw material by special process, with good particle shape. The particle size composition is uniform, with good suspension dispersion, black oxide aluminum which can be evenly distributed on the wax mold without cracks. The manufactured sand mold has good strength and high surface finish. Resistant to high temperature and acid.(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit manufacturers china)

It has become an independent abrasives industry silicon carbide price. Boron nitride is a new high-quality super hard abrasive developed in recent years. The casting powder is suitable for the engine turbocharger impeller, engine turbine, water pump impeller, various stainless steel castings and other casting materials. At the same time, it has certain brittleness. It has good chemical inertia and glass beads supplier grinding performance. 

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