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White Fused Aluminum Oxide 60 Grit Russia

There are more than 90% bauxite clinker containing Al2O3 in Xiaoyi, Shanxi Province. The garnet suppliers phase change of bauxite after calcination is shown in the figure. The high alumina bauxite clinker of ga1-88-ga1-85 in China should be sintered bauxite corundum. However, due to different types of minerals, glass beads supplier different structures and uneven distribution of impurities in natural raw materials, the properties of the materials after burning are affected.

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Therefore, some departments, especially the white fused alumina industry, still use the general production process of sintered corundum, that is, the process of grinding the Calcined Bauxite (< 3um), pressing, drying and calcining to produce sintered bauxite corundum. The sintering temperature is related to the chemical and mineral composition of bauxite, the sintering time and the black oxide aluminum particle size of raw materials, generally above 1570 ℃.(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit russia)

The main white aluminum oxide crystal phase is corundum (ral2o3). The shrinkage is about 20% and the bulk density is more than 3.65g/cm. It also contains SiO2, 3% ~ 4%, TiO2, 3% ~ 4.5%. The grains of corundum are in 8 ~ 10pm, forming a skeleton structure, and a small amount of mullite is in the pores of the skeleton structure. The increase of temperature, silicon carbide price added with about 5% pulp waste liquid, the increase of bulk density and the decrease of porosity are caused by sintering.

(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit russia)Therefore, in addition to a-Al2O3, there are mullite phase and glass phase with high impurity content. Two groups of black corundum samples containing A1203, 90% and 80% were prepared with special grade bauxite and coal grindstone in Zhengzhou University. The samples were ground to less than 0.044mm, then formed, dried and calcined at 1550 ℃ for 3h. The main crystalline phase is fused alumina, containing a small amount of dianlai stone.

EDAX analysis showed that there was 1.0% ~ 2.5% (mass fraction) TiO2 in the solid solution of white corundum grains, and aluminum titanate and iron titanate solid solutions were also observed. The linear shrinkage of the samples after firing at 1550 ℃ is 18.1% (including al202, 90% of the samples) and 15.8% (including Al203, 80% of the samples), respectively. When the green carborundum temperature is over 1780 ℃, plate-like corundum appears.(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit russia)

The above billets are crushed into particles smaller than 0.175mm, brown fused alumina price dried by vibration grinding for 30min to obtain fine powder with an average particle size of 4.25um, added with 0.5% ~ 1.0% ALF fine powder, fully mixed and uniform, then the billets are formed with 150MPa pressure, dried and calcined at a temperature above 1780 ℃ for 2h, then the plate-shaped arc fused alumina with an Al2O3 content of over 97% can be produced Material.

(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit russia)When the calcination temperature is lower than 1780 ℃, the bulk density and pink corundum porosity increase with the addition of AlF3. It is thought that the reason is that the porosity is produced by the volatilization of AlF3, and the change of bulk density and porosity is not obvious at 1780 ℃, silicon carbide companies which may be due to the growth of Al2O3 crystal and the compactness of the green body, and AlF3 is added to make the plate-like more uniform. 

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