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White Fused Aluminum Oxide 60 Grit South Korea

The mixture exhibits a smooth glass phase and forms an irregular network structure. The holding time is related to the white aluminum oxide 120 grit product specifications and the area of the kiln. Large grinding wheels, thick wheels, and large kiln have a long holding time. Therefore, this stage should be cooled quickly. Some people have conducted tests. From high temperature to 800 ° C, brown fused alumina grit rapid cooling is performed at 470 ° C / h.

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The obtained sample binder is glass-like, most of them have no crystals, and the strength of the brown fused alumina price is high. The firing changes of silicon carbide abrasive are not exactly the same as those of corundum abrasive. If the cooling speed is too fast, the bad body will generate stress due to the difference between the green silicon carbide internal and external temperature. When the stress exceeds the strength of the green body, it will cause outer diameter cracks.(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit south korea)

The fastest cooling rate of kiln in our country is 80 ℃ / h, generally 20 ~ 30 ℃ / h. According to foreign data, when the white fused alumina cooling rate is increased from 50 ℃ / h to 480 ℃ / h, the tensile strength of the abrasive tool is changed from 9.7 MPa, increased to 12.7 MPa. 900 ~ 400 ℃ slow cooling stage At this stage, the green body changes from a plastic state to a brittle state. Compared with aluminum oxide abrasive, the heating and cooling speeds can be slightly faster.

(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit south korea)The cooling rate at the stage of 400 ~ out of the kiln (80 ~ 60 ℃) has a lot to do with the black corundum specifications, size and shape of the grinding tool. Abrasive tools with large diameters, thick thicknesses, and fine grain sizes must not be cooled too fast, otherwise the product will burst (cold explosion) due to internal stress. Due to the good thermal conductivity and small expansion coefficient of black silicon carbide, the internal stress generated during heating and cooling is small.

The decomposition process of white aluminum oxide during sintering is divided into two stages: And the temperature is kept at 900 ℃ and 1200 ℃. During the firing process, the physical and mechanical properties of the abrasive body change. Moreover, the linear expansion coefficient of the calcined green body (cooked green body) is larger than that of the dry and bad body (green body), it is difficult for oxygen to enter, and a longer firing curve is required during aluminum oxide grit reheating. 

(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit south korea)If the second process lags behind the first process, the pink corundum tool will be "black heart". Excessive oxygen guarantees the end of the reaction and forms a SiO film on the surface of the silicon carbide abrasive particles. If the binder generates a large amount of liquid phase (firing and melting binder) to surround the synthetic corundum particles, and it will also cause a "black heart" in the grinding tool, which should be fired under sufficient oxidation conditions.

The thermal conductivity is related to the type of white corundum, particle size and porosity of the abrasive, and also the temperature difference and temperature of the green body. Generally, the thermal conductivity of silicon carbide and white corundum is basically the same before 800 ° C, the abrasive tool changes from elastic to plastic, but with the increase of temperature The thermal conductivity of glass bead blasting media suppliers has increased rapidly.(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit south korea)

The modulus of elasticity varies greatly with temperature. Before the binder melts, the silicon carbide abrasive mill has a certain elasticity. During this temperature stage, the temperature rises too quickly, and the internal stress will be generated in the abrasive tool, and the green body may crack. After the temperature rises to the melting point of the binder (700 ~ 850 ° C), the decomposition of emery abrasive itself and the oxidation of the decomposition products.

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