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White Fused Aluminum Oxide 60 Grit Suppliers Japan

Working principle suction dry high purity fused aluminum oxide sand blasting machine is driven by compressed air. A complete suction dry sand blasting machine is generally composed of six systems. Manual sand blasting machine is generally used in the medical field, so that the compressed air can be fully utilized, it will be swept away Teeth show their true color quickly, such as oral cleaning operation. The hand-held dynamic aluminum oxide for sand blaster machine is operated by dentists. 

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Through the negative pressure formed by the high-speed movement of air flow in the spray gun, the abrasive is sucked into the pink corundum spray gun through the sand conveying pipe and shot out through the nozzle, and then sprayed on the surface to be processed, so as to achieve the expected processing purpose. In the suction type dry black synthetic corundum sand blasting machine, compressed air is not only the power of feeding but also the power of accelerating jet.

It can use the jet force of air flow, water flow and white fused alumina sand flow to impact the soft dirt such as smoke spots, tea rust, etc. attached to the tooth surface, and can also impact the small pieces of calculus left after ultrasonic cleaning. The manual sand blasting machine can't remove the massive dental calculus, and if you don't pay attention to it, the enamel will be scraped; so the hand-held dynamic pink aluminium oxide sand blasting machine needs to be used together with the ultrasonic dental cleaner.

When the blade of ultrasonic tooth cleaner scrapes away the white aluminum oxide smoke spots and tea rust, because the tooth surface is uneven, only a small amount of soft dirt can be scraped off at a time, while the hand-held dynamic sandblasting machine, because the air water is gushing out of the sand, the air water can smoothly impact the inside of the groove, so no matter the aluminium oxide sandblasting soft dirt on the plane or in the groove, and enamel will not be damaged.

The efficiency of manual white corundum sandblasting machine is many times of that of ultrasonic cleaning machine when removing the rust. It is a basic working unit composed of pressure tank and spray gun. A complete press dry sand blasting unit is generally composed of four systems. For press dry aluminium oxide abrasive grit sand blasting unit, I mainly introduce press dry sand blasting unit. Compressed air is not only the power of material supply, but also the power of jet acceleration.

Namely, pressure tank, medium power system, brown fused alumina price pipeline system and control system. The press in dry sand blasting machine is driven by compressed air, through the working pressure established in the pressure tank by compressed air, the abrasive is pressed into the sand conveying pipe through the black alumina sand valve and shot out through the nozzle, and the abrasive is sprayed to the processed surface to achieve the expected processing purpose.

In the working state, the compressed air and sand material are mixed while the black corundum sandblasting machine is spraying, the air flow and sand material flow are easy to adjust, the ideal mixing ratio can be obtained, the energy and sand material consumption are less, and the research and cleaning efficiency is high, which is suitable for the surface cleaning of electronic, aircraft, locomotive parts, hardware, aluminium oxide blasting chemical industry and other industries.

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