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Refining must be appropriate. The refining is insufficient and the furnace cannot be shut down. In addition to increasing aluminium oxide blasting grit power consumption, excessive refining may also lead to partial reduction of aluminum oxide blasting abrasive. Therefore, it is necessary to shut down the furnace decisively when the refining is confirmed to be sufficient through analysis.

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If the refining reaches the above level, it is necessary to gradually reduce the current and stop the green carborundum furnace and start the electrode within 10-15 minutes. When the electrode is 200 ~ 500mm away from the molten solution after the reset, the power supply starts. the corundum shell on the stick is very thin, there are many cracks, there is a soft cover, and the thickness of the black oxide aluminum shell is the same.(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit suppliers taiwan)

The fully refined feature is that the charge layer of the furnace is very thin, the brown fused alumina price charge around the electrode is close to the molten liquid, the liquid level is stable, there is not much gas escaping from the root of the electrode, the arc is long, the sound is continuous, the current is not stable, the brandy flame appears at the head of the electrode, the fused alumina stick is inserted into the bottom of the molten liquid smoothly.

(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit suppliers taiwan)After the furnace is stopped and the electrode is started, the white fused alumina furnace body can be pulled out for cooling. When pouring, the cooling water shall be closed. Pour slowly first, then quickly, and then slowly. Pay attention to the inclination angle when pouring to prevent the nozzle from touching the crimping package. The silicon carbide companies width of carbon wire accounts for about 1 / 3 of the circumference of stick.

In order to judge the amount of carbon in the furnace, the temperature of molten liquid and the black corundum reduction degree, the most commonly used method of furnace condition analysis and furnace quality judgment at the production site is "stick sticking method". A little molten liquid is left in the hearth for the convenience of arc starting next time. The glass beads supplier pouring furnace shall be prepared to receive the package half an hour in advance. 

(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit suppliers taiwan)Stick sticking method is to use a steel stick with a diameter of 12-16mm, insert the white aluminum oxide melt from the electrode root, pull it out after stopping for about 3-5s, and observe the color, thickness and structure of the corundum shell condensed at the end of the stick This judges the furnace condition. When cooling, let the arc fused alumina melt cool naturally for a period of time, let the corundum crystal grow and perfect. 

When the temperature drops to the point where the pink corundum crystal stops growing, it can be cooled by watering. First, pour water around the block, and then from the top of the block to accelerate the cooling. The relationship between stick color, structure and furnace condition. The aluminium oxide blasting shell condensed on the surface of the stick towards the furnace wall is slightly thicker, which seems to be two layers, called "carbon wire".

(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit suppliers taiwan)When cooling, the melting block method allows the molten white corundum to stay in the movable furnace, and the pouring method is to pour the molten artificial corundum into the pick-up car for cooling. This kind of crack will stop at the interface of single small crystal instead of extending to the whole abrasive. It is necessary to accumulate experience to judge the furnace condition by dip stick method.

When there is Cao or MgO in the melt of silicon carbide price, if there is a certain amount of SiO2 at the same time, it is beneficial to get the most corundum crystal in the crystal block. In other words, SiO2 can not be reduced completely in the actual smelting of fused aluminum oxide, and it usually remains. At this time, there is a certain amount of Cao, which can make the melt get the largest amount of corundum crystal after cooling.

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