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White Fused Aluminum Oxide 60 Grit Suppliers UAE

In addition, the better the current sharing performance of the current rectifier cabinet is(white fused alumina), the magnetic field distribution is improved, and the current and voltage fluctuations caused by the change of contact state caused by vibration are also smaller, making the DC current more stable(garnet abrasive price). Therefore, statistical calculations must be made on the power load of each link in the power supply system.

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The maximum power load of a standard capacity electrolytic aluminum enterprise is about 13,000 kW(pink corundum), the main load is scattered and partially concentrated, and scientific calculations and reasonable power supply configurations are particularly important. Combine the near and far, and focus on the near term(arc fused alumina). Save a lot of power distribution lines, reduce considerable additional losses and investment costs.(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit suppliers uae)

Achieve soft start, small and stable starting current(white aluminum oxide), reduce the impact on the power grid and equipment, according to the large area of the plant area, fully centralized power distribution will cause high investment costs and high power loss Therefore(steel shot abrasive), most of the power distribution methods of modern electrolytic aluminum enterprises adopt a combined power supply method of a total reduction substation.

(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit suppliers uae)Therefore, the enterprises generally use the power supply and the high-voltage part are single busbar segmented wiring(silicon carbide companies), and the low-voltage is dual-circuit power supply, which greatly improves the reliability of the electricity load. There are no special requirements for the three-stage load(black aluminium oxide grains). According to the capacity and distribution of the load, the distribution substation should be close to the load center. 

After the application of frequency conversion technology, the production adjustment method is improved(white corundum). The design of the power supply and distribution system shall adopt electrical products with high efficiency, low energy consumption and advanced performance that meet the current relevant national standards(fused alumina), a 10kV general power distribution station and several 10kV distribution power stations.(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit suppliers uae)

The high-voltage power distribution system should adopt the radial type(silicon carbide price), and the automation level is improved. Improving the starting characteristics and determining the size of the load of each branch is the basic basis for selecting the corresponding power distribution devices and lines(white corundum abrasive), as well as the basic basis for calculating the power factor of the factory and the power demand capacity of the factory.

(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit suppliers uae)In addition to meeting the requirements of working voltage and frequency(brown fused alumina price), the most important thing for the reliable operation of the power supply system is to meet the requirements of load current. The power supply system should be simple and reliable, and the number of transformation and distribution stages of the same voltage power supply system should not be more than two(black oxide aluminum). Sex and economy.

In order not only to make the power supply and distribution system comply with the national technical and economic policies(green carborundum), but also to ensure personal safety, reliable power supply, advanced technology and reasonable economy, the following principles should be followed(abrasive blasting grit): The power supply and distribution system design should be based on the project characteristics, scale and development plan.(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit suppliers uae)

The primary load of electrolytic aluminum enterprises accounts for more than 95% of the electricity load(black corundum). The change of electric load is restricted by many factors, and it is difficult to express with simple calculation formula. When one of the two or more power supply and distribution lines at the same time interrupts power supply(glass beads supplier), the remaining lines should be able to meet all primary and secondary loads.

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