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White Fused Aluminum Oxide 60 Grit Thailand

The chemical reaction between white aluminum oxide and workpiece material is the main reason of abrasive chemical wear. When corundum abrasive are ground, there is no such reaction and no chemical wear will occur. On the contrary, when corundum abrasives grind glass, especially when there is water cooling, there will be a strong chemical reaction, while silicon carbide abrasive do not.

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Therefore, brown fused alumina price can be used to grind steel workpieces, but not suitable for grinding glass, silicon carbide abrasives are not suitable for grinding steel. Attention should also be paid to the chemical affinity between abrasive and workpiece materials, especially for some difficult to machine materials. When 80 grit aluminum oxide grinding hardened steel, tool steel and other alloy steel with single crystal corundum abrasive, good grinding effect can be obtained.

(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit thailand)For example, when silicon carbide abrasive grinding heat-resistant alloy, because silicon carbide can react with iron by itself and decompose under the high temperature action of grinding area, and form compound with some metal components (such as CO, Ni, Cr, etc.) in workpiece material, which makes fine grit aluminum oxide grinding wheel wear seriously. When using single crystal corundum to grind heat-resistant alloy, it can achieve better grinding Effect.

In addition, the red hardness of black corundum should be considered when selecting abrasives. The following describes the performance and application of various abrasives. Brown corundum abrasives have high toughness, high hardness and sharp particle edge. Therefore, it is suitable for 180 grit aluminum oxide grinding materials with high tensile strength, such as carbon steel, common alloy steel, malleable cast iron, hard bronze, etc.(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit thailand)

The secondary products of pink corundum can be used as grinding wheel, sand tile, abrasive cloth, abrasive paper and resin cutting wheel. Especially for high vanadium steel containing 2% ~ 3% vanadium, its grindability is very poor, it is difficult to grind with general abrasive, but it can be used with single crystal corundum abrasive. 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media is cheap and widely used as a general abrasive, high hardness and toughness.

(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit thailand)The hardness of white corundum abrasive is slightly higher than that of 220 grit aluminum oxide, but its toughness is poor. Hard abrasive is easy to cut into workpiece, which can reduce workpiece deformation and grinding heat. White corundum abrasives are most suitable for fine grinding, cutting edge grinding, thread grinding and grinding workpieces that are easy to deform and burn, but the price is higher than 240 grit aluminum oxide.

Single crystal corundum abrasives have good multi-layer cutting edge. This kind of white fused alumina is not easy to break in grinding, has strong cutting ability and long service life, and is suitable for processing hard metal materials, such as high vanadium high speed steel, heat-resistant alloy steel and drill base, nickel base alloy steel and stainless steel. If 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight is used to grind steel, strong chemical wear will occur.(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit thailand)

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