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White Fused Aluminum Oxide 60 Grit USA

The water contained in the molecular structure of alumina abrasive raw minerals is called chemical binding water (also called crystal water, structural water, etc.). If there is no chemical reaction in the drying process, and the heat carrier has a constant temperature and humidity, then the whole drying process takes time as the abscissa, and the drying temperature, drying speed and white alumina powder moisture content of the green body as the ordinate.

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From the technological point of view, the drying process brown fused alumina price is only to remove free water, so it has no practical significance to remove the balance water, because it quickly absorbs water from the air to reach the balance, and the removal of chemical combined water is within the range of burning. The drying speed remains unchanged, and the green carborundum surface temperature of the green body remains unchanged, which is approximately equal to the wet bulb temperature of the drying medium.

(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit usa)The white fused alumina process of using thermal energy to vaporize the moisture in the material and remove the generated steam to remove the moisture is called drying. When drying, the external heat source first transfers the heat to the surface of the green body, and the moisture on the silicon carbide companies surface of the green body evaporates immediately after obtaining the heat, and diffuses to the outside. At point a in the figure, the water evaporation rate increases rapidly.

Point B is the critical moisture point. This kind of water and black corundum particles are most firmly combined, and larger energy should be used for removal. As the evaporation of the moisture on the surface of the green body, the moisture concentration inside and outside the green body is inconsistent, and the moisture will continuously diffuse from the inside to the arc fused alumina outside, and then evaporate from the surface to the atmosphere, so as to achieve the drying of the whole green body.(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit usa)

At this time, the speed reduction drying stage begins. A curve is drawn to show the white aluminum oxide relationship between them. From the figure, the whole drying process of the green body is divided into four stages, namely, the speed up drying stage, the speed constant drying stage and the fused alumina speed down drying stage Drying stage and balance stage. Speed up drying stage. The green body is placed in the medium with high temperature and relative humidity less than 100%. 

(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit usa)Different from adsorbed water. In a very short time, the green body is dried to a temperature equal to the wet bulb temperature of the pink corundum drying medium. The time of this stage is very short, and the amount of water discharged is not much. In this stage, the water evaporated from the surface of the green body is fully replenished from the inside to the black oxide aluminum surface of the green body, and the surface of the green body is always wet, just like evaporation on the free water surface.

Because the internal and external diffusion speed is equal, the white corundum drying speed is determined by the external diffusion speed. The drying speed (evaporation speed) is related to the difference of water vapor concentration or differential pressure or temperature between the surface of the green body and the surrounding medium. The greater the difference, the greater the drying speed. In addition, the drying speed is also related to the air speed on the aluminum oxide abrasive media surface of the billet.

When the silicon carbide price drying process reaches point B, the moisture diffusion speed inside the green body starts to be smaller than the evaporation speed of the surface, and the moisture in the green body can not completely wet the surface to maintain the evaporation of the surface. After reaching point B, the surface layer stops shrinking, and then glass beads supplier continues to dry, only increasing the void in the body, so the constant speed drying stage is an important stage.(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit usa)

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