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White Fused Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Germany

The aluminium oxide abrasive grit with a particle size of less than 40 microns is called micropowder. Most of them are used for super precision grinding of machining parts. Its specification starts from 40 microns and adopts a series of equal ratio series. In the production of micropowder, the best raw materials are usually 36 × 10-100 × 10 abrasives. The fused aluminum oxide outside this range, non corundum impurities are increased.

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The first process of micro powder production is grinding, brown fused alumina price crushing raw materials to 40 microns or more. At present, most of them are wet grinding by ball mill, and the milled materials will be pumped to the second process pickling. Acid pickling is heated with 15% sulfuric acid and must be continuously stirred to fully remove the iron. The purpose of hydraulic classification and screening classification is exactly the same, and the black synthetic corundum production efficiency of hydraulic classification is lower than that of screening.

(white fused aluminum oxide manufacturers germany)The slurry after pickling shall be cleaned to make it neutral. The cleaning is to wash the white aluminum oxide slurry intermittently with clean water. There must be a settling process for each washing to make the raw material settle down, and then drain the waste acid solution, and then clean it next time until the slurry is neutral. The raw materials treated by ball milling and acid pickling can be graded by aluminium oxide blasting grit particle size. At present, most of them are classified by water power.

There are several methods of black corundum hydraulic classification, the famous ones are sedimentation method, overflow method, swirl method and centrifugal method. The settling method is based on the mechanism of different settling speed in water with different particle size. The overflow method is based on the same mechanism as the settling method, but it uses the water flow speed greater than the artificial corundum particle settling speed to bring out the particles.(white fused aluminum oxide manufacturers germany)

The hydrocyclone method is that the slurry rotates at high speed in the hydrocyclone to produce centrifugal force, and the white fused alumina particle size is different, so the centrifugal force is different, so the particle size is separated. As for the classification of micro powder, the centrifugal method can also be used. The slurry rotates at high speed in the centrifuge, and is separated due to the different centrifugal force generated by aluminum oxide blasting abrasive particles of different sizes.

(white fused aluminum oxide manufacturers germany)The audio vibration can also be used to separate the mixed particle groups of particles, pink corundum which are placed on the inclined plane, so that the inclined plane produces audio vibration. Due to the different friction force of different particle sizes on the inclined plane matrix, different degrees of "crawling" are generated to obtain particles Grading of grains. In the production of micropowder, classification is the most important process. It is very simple to collect the 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media product by using the settling bucket, but the degree of dehydration is poor.

However, it is very difficult to screen 40 microns. After classification, various white corundum products of different specifications will be obtained. In the future, the products will be removed. The common dehydration methods are filtration, natural sedimentation and centrifugal dehydration. Because of the long period of aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit powder classification, the natural sedimentation method can adapt to the classification process, and the natural sedimentation method does not need any machinery, no power consumption.(white fused aluminum oxide manufacturers germany)

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