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The composition of potassium feldspar produced in various parts of China is not much different white fused alumina price, but the type and composition of dry soil are quite different. Therefore, when using this type of binding agent, the proportion of clay is mainly taken into account. This type of black aluminum oxide media bonding agent has a dry earth plus site of about 20% -50%, and a feldspar plus site of 80% -50%.

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The clay plus site is lower, that is, <35%, and water glass is used when manufacturing abrasive Binding agent, mostly used for brown fused alumina price. At the same time, the pure glazing type and the glazed solid face type with water glass are added. The addition of m to the water glass is calculated based on the average address. In the glazed experimental formula, due to the number of brown fused aluminium oxide molecules.(white fused aluminum oxide manufacturers south korea)

The total address is 1, so the number of black corundum molecules of Si02 is the acid-base ratio (R02 / R20 + RO), and the acidity coefficient commonly used in the ceramic industry is calculated, namely: R02 / Rp + RO + 3R2o3 for reference. The ratio of dry soil to feldspar depends on the condition of the black aluminium oxide raw materials. Generally speaking. This type of binding agent is a highly versatile binding agent in the early days of China's abrasive industry.

(white fused aluminum oxide manufacturers south korea)The pink corundum chemical composition of such binders used in various factories is shown in the table. It is still used today, but its scope of application has been greatly reduced, and most of it has been replaced by other types of binding agents. Long-term production practice shows In the coarse-grained, soft-hard white fused alumina abrasive. It has been shown that the wet and not loose molding material has a smaller bulk density, and Its bulk density repeatability is also poor.

Fan Shan, this combination is difficult to meet the strength requirements; In the general particle size and hardness Fantian, because this kind of green silicon carbide bonding agent is added to a large site, especially the silicon carbide grinding co-examination, it has a certain impact on the grinding performance of the grinding co-operation, and its adaptability is not wide, that is, it cannot adapt to a variety of Grinding type requirements, but the synthetic corundum cost of this bonding agent is low.

If low-firing firing is used, a special binder must be used. In some fantians (such as higher hardness grinding or white aluminum oxide finer grinding tools, etc.), the process performance is relatively stable, so there are still some. However, the dryness and wetness of the molding material often fluctuates greatly due to the inaccurate addressing of the aluminum oxide grit salivating agent and the improper storage and storage of the molding material.(white fused aluminum oxide manufacturers south korea)

The plant is in use. Generally speaking, the bulk density of the binder powder is about 0.9 g / cm3; the bulk density of the molding material from the milling to the black silicon carbide grade is about 0.8 to 1.5 g / cm3. The amount of soil added is> 30% and the binder that does not use water glass when manufacturing abrasive tools is mostly used for silicon carbide abrasive tools. Even if the same is used for precision grinding Shanshan.

(white fused aluminum oxide manufacturers south korea)The use is different (such as brown aluminium oxide grinding and ultra-fine), the requirements are different, it is advisable to use a special binder. High-hardness abrasives. These abrasives are characterized by a large number of combined dosages and large molding densities. Generally, they are different from medium hardness binders. Generally speaking, many aluminum oxide abrasive manufacturers use fire resistance from P or Q hardness. High binding agent.

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