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The relevant phase diagram can be used to roughly estimate the mineral composition and fire resistance of the product, and can also be used as the basis for selecting raw materials, checking and adjusting the T. art process(white fused alumina for refractory). The chemical composition analysis of refractory materials is carried out according to special methods, and some methods have been specified in the corresponding standards(low sodium white fused alumina).

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The principle is that through chemical composition analysis, the purity of the product or raw material and the chemical characteristics of the product can be judged according to the type and quantity of the contained components(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh). The thermocouple is placed at a position away from the hotline and parallel to the hotline(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). The Chinese standard (GB5024.3) specifies the test method for the cold-state flexural bond strength of refractory mud.

The refractory material will be deformed or even damaged by various external forces such as compression force, tensile force, shear force(white aluminum oxide grit). It is of great significance to understand its ability to resist damage, explore its damage mechanism, and seek ways and methods to improve product quality(white aluminium oxide super fine). Under certain conditions, compressive strength is the ultimate load that a refractory can withstand per unit area at a certain temperature.

The Chinese standard (GB / T5072.1-1998) adopts a linerless arbitration test method to determine the room temperature compressive strength of dense shaped refractory products(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). Unshaped refractories must have a certain bonding capacity when used, so that they can be effectively bonded to the construction substrate(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). Bond strength refers to the bonding force between unit interfaces when two materials are bonded together.

Chinese Standard (GB5024.4) specifies the test method for cold shear bond strength of refractory mud(wilson abrasive). Load the sample of known size at a constant pressure until it is broken, and calculate the normal temperature compressive strength of the sample based on the maximum pressure and the average cross-sectional area of the sample when the sample is broken(aluminum oxide blasting media), friction force or impact force during use and transportation.

The bond strength of refractories is mainly to characterize the amorphous refractories at various temperatures and specific conditions, mainly the strength index under the conditions of use(aluminum oxide abrasive). The compressive strength of refractory materials is divided into normal temperature compressive strength and high temperature compressive strength(brown aluminum oxide factory). Compressive strength is one of the important properties to measure the quality of refractory materials.

The main point is that the test block of refractory brick is bonded into a parallelepiped sample of a certain size with the refractory mud for testing(aluminum oxide grit). After drying and firing, bending stress is applied to the sample bonding surface at a constant rate at room temperature Until the bonding surface breaks(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). The Chinese standard (GB / T5072-1985) stipulates the normal temperature compressive strength test method for compact shaped refractory products.

 Normal temperature compressive strength refers to the value measured at room temperature(aluminum oxide 40 grit); high temperature compressive strength refers to the value measured under specified high temperature conditions. The method is to load a sample of a specified size at a specified rate using a pressure tester at room temperature until the test Kind of broken(black silicon carbide manufacturers). Therefore, the mechanical properties of the refractory material under different conditions are tested.

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