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White Fused Aluminum Oxide Refractory Price Malaysia

Only a small deformation occurs before the material breaks, and the fracture after the material yields is called ductile fracture(brown fused alumina price). The material exhibits a large strain after yielding. If the material stops stretching before the sample breaks, remove the external force(alumina grit). The large deformation cannot be completely recovered, but if the temperature of the sample is raised to the vicinity, it can be found that the deformation has returned.

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Obviously, this is essentially an elastic deformation, not a viscous flow deformation(black aluminum oxide). When the temperature rises above T, the segment motion is resolved, and the molecular chain flexes, so the deformation is restored. Therefore, the effect of increasing the external force loosening process is similar to increasing the temperature(fused aluminium oxide). If the temperature is too low, then, so this temperature is called the melting temperature.

At this time, because the encapsulate is in a glass state, even after the external force is removed, it cannot recover spontaneously(pink aluminum oxide). If the molecular chain is stretched continuously after being stretched, the molecular chain orientation is arranged to further increase the strength of the material, which requires more force, so the stress gradually rises until it breaks(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). Conditions greater than the yield stress a.

Broadly speaking, the large deformation of a glassy polymer under the action of a large external force is essentially the same as the high elastic deformation of rubber, but the form of performance is different(silicon carbide abrasive). To force high elastic deformation. There are many factors that affect the strength and elastic deformation, according to the loose time / and stress(aluminum oxide grit). As the stress increases, the relaxation time of the segment motion will decrease.

When the stress increases to the yield stress(white fused alumina), the relaxation time of the segment motion decreases to a value suitable for the stretching speed, and the case compound can produce large deformation. Only when the glassy encapsulate is in the temperature range between T, can the forced hyperelastic deformation be achieved under the action of external force(green silicon carbide). The stretching of crystalline polymers is similar to that of glassy polymers.

Can also be seen that temperature also has a great influence on the forced high elasticity(white aluminum oxide). If the temperature is lowered, in order to shorten the loosening time of the segment to suit the stretching speed, more stress is needed, that is, a larger external force must be used to force the high elastic deformation of the mixture(black silicon carbide). But for forced high elastic deformation to occur, the fracture stress must be met. 

Visually, that is, before and after the forced hyperelastic deformation occurs, the sample has been broken(brown aluminium oxide), so it is not possible to force the hyperelastic deformation at any temperature, but there is a certain temperature limit, that is, there is a characteristic At a temperature T, as long as the temperature is lower than T(aluminum oxide abrasive), it can be seen that the glassy polymer cannot develop forced elastic deformation, but brittle fracture must occur.

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