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White Fused Aluminum Oxide Refractory Suppliers China

All substances with adhesive properties can be classified as adhesives(silicon carbide abrasive). The method of connecting the solid surface by the adhesive force of the adhesive is called bonding or glue building, and the solid material to be bonded is called the adherend. Adhesive is formulated with adhesive as the main agent, it can not meet the requirements of various uses(garnet suppliers); combined with various organic agents, plasticizers, thinners, fillers and other additives.

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Generally speaking, the earliest used adhesives are mostly derived from natural adhesive substances, such as starch, dextrin, bone glue, fish glue, etc., prepared by heating with water as a solvent(green silicon carbide). Because the components are relatively single, most of today's adhesives use synthetic polymer compounds as the main agent, and the adhesives made have good adhesive properties and can be used for various adhesive bonding occasions(glass bead blasting media suppliers).

There are many varieties of adhesives, with different compositions, simple and complex, but the adhesive is the main component of the adhesive, and then one or more other components are combined(white fused alumina). Synthetic rubber has low cohesive strength and low heat resistance, but has excellent elasticity and is suitable for materials with soft or widely different expansion coefficients(black silicon carbide). Generally speaking, the thermoplastic resin has a linear molecular configuration.

The development of synthetic materials in the 1930s led to the emergence of adhesives based on synthetic polymers(white aluminum oxide). This type of adhesive uses synthetic polymer as the binder (or base material, main agent or main polymer), such as thermoplastic resin, thermosetting resin, synthetic rubber, etc(steel grid). In addition, there are natural polymer materials such as starch, Proteins, natural rubber, etc. and inorganic compounds such as silicates, phosphates, chamae, etc.

The second stage is adsorption(brown fused aluminum oxide). The main body of the adhesive is combined The relationship between the molecular weight of the substance and the adhesion performance. It is the main component of the adhesive, which can play the role of adhesion, and requires good adhesion and wettability(aluminum oxide abrasive). The media substances that can connect the surfaces of the same kind or different kinds of solid materials together are called adhesives, also called adhesives.

It softens or melts when heated, and then solidifies after cooling(black aluminum oxide). This process can be changed repeatedly, and it has little effect on its performance, and its solubility is also relatively high. Good, flexible, but poor heat resistance(aluminum oxide grit). Thermosetting resin is a polymer with a three-dimensional cross-linked structure, it has the advantages of good heat resistance, water resistance, excellent medium resistance, low auxiliary changes and so on.

Curing agent is the most important compound material in the adhesive(pink aluminum oxide). All these compounds can be used as the main material of the adhesive as needed. In the actual application of the adhesive, there are many factors that directly affect its bonding performance(garnet abrasive), which is mainly related to the nature of the main body roll compound, and is also related to the process factors of the bonding process and the nature of the adherend.

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