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According to many times during the packing vibration, the sand must be vibrated and the vibration of the cavity is particularly important(silicon carbide abrasive). The vibration time needed here is longer, but in the case of packing, the direction and time of vibration should be selected according to the geometry of the foam pattern(aluminum oxide grit). The vibration direction has an important influence on compaction. The results of horizontal vibration are similar.

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Amplitude refers to the amplitude of vibration displacement, which can be described by zero to peak amplitude or square root amplitude(pink corundum). The square root amplitude of sinusoidal signal is 0.707 times of zero to peak amplitude. The sand box vibrates under a specific amplitude, vibration frequency and vibration direction(black silicon carbide suppliers). The linear vibration differential converter was held into the test tube regularly to measure the height of sand column.(white fused aluminum oxide refractory suppliers europe)

For a given acceleration value, the amplitude is proportional to the reciprocal of the square root of frequency(black corundum). When the frequency is reduced, the amplitude needed to produce a certain acceleration increases sharply. He uses a small box filled with dry sand and uses an electric hydraulic vibrator to control the sand box to vibrate horizontally and vertically(aluminum oxide abrasive). When vibrating at 125-250hz, the higher the acceleration, the greater the density of dry sand.

(white fused aluminum oxide refractory suppliers europe)The frequency and acceleration of electric hydraulic vibrator have special signal input(white fused alumina), so the movement of sand during vibration is monitored by electricity, and the sand box is fixed on the vibration table. Most of his experiments were carried out by filling sand first and then vibrating(emery abrasive). A test tube is put into the sand box, and it vibrates with the sand box during vibration. Wegsheid of Deere studied the filling compaction of dry sand.

The linear vibration differential converter (ivdt) was used to monitor the amount of dry sand flowing into the test tube during the vibration process(white aluminum oxide). The curve of dry sand density and vertical vibration time was measured under the condition of vibration frequency of 31.5hz(black silicon carbide). The dry sand density increases rapidly in the first 30s of vibration from the initial 1536g / L, and then slowly increases to the maximum density, about 1680g / 1.(white fused aluminum oxide refractory suppliers europe)

At present, the density still increases after 30s vibration at 1g acceleration(white corundum). However, when the acceleration is 2-4G, the compactness is not as large as that at 1g. Generally speaking, higher acceleration g can be achieved in high frequency vibration, while low amplitude vibration can only be achieved when dry sand is compacted rapidly(synthetic corundum). Most of the vibration compaction equipment vibrates the sand in the vertical direction.

(white fused aluminum oxide refractory suppliers europe)The vibration modes of the vibration equipment have different designs: one-dimensional vibration(brown fused alumina price), two-dimensional vibration, three-dimensional vibration and even three-dimensional six direction vibration. Six direction vibration is the vibration of X, x, y, y, Z, Z and other positive and negative directions, so as to achieve that the cavity with different directions can fill the dry sand in place and can be vibrated(green silicon carbide). The density of dry sand before and after vibration is measured.

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