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White Fused Aluminum Oxide Refractory Suppliers USA

The single-particle compressive strength test of ceramic corundum abrasive and industrial white corundum abrasive prepared in the experiment was conducted on ZMC-Il type diamond static pressure strength tester (produced by Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute). The ratio of the mass of the sieve to the original mass is measured as a percentage(green silicon carbide). The experimental measurements are all abrasive particles between 60/80 mesh.

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First, a certain quality abrasive sample is baked in an oven at 105 ~ 110C for 12h to constant weight(pink aluminum oxide). Take about 1g of abrasive, and then put an appropriate amount on the glass slide, scrape it with a security blade into a straight line, and then forcefully take 40 tablets from the glass slide and load them to measure their crushing load(low density white alumina). The arithmetic average value obtained is the abrasive at this particle size Compressive strength of single particles under.

The Zwick / Roell ZHV10 Vickers microhardness tester was used to measure the hardness value of the experimentally produced abrasive(white fused alumina), according to JB / T7988.1- 1999 "Determination of Compressive Strength of Synthetic Diamond or Cubic Boron Nitride" stipulates that the compressive strength refers to the load value of single particle abrasive when broken under the action of static pressure, expressed in Newton (N)(black silicon carbide). However, its cation is also an aggregator of broken bonds.

Load is 5kg, the test result is based on the average value of 5 hardness values at different positions of the same sample, Vickers hardness H(silicon carbide abrasive). The toughness of the abrasive refers to the ability of the abrasive particles to resist impact without breaking under the grinding force(aluminum oxide abrasive). The abrasive must have a certain toughness to ensure the cutting ability of the abrasive, and it can sharpen itself when the cutting edge of the abrasive grain is blunt, showing a certain self-sharpness.

The fracture toughness value Kc measured by the static pressure method is calculated by the following formula Kc = 0.016 where E is the Young's modulus (E (Al2O3) = 380MPa) 19, P is the indentation load(white aluminum oxide), and C is the half surface radial Crack length. Ball milling method to measure the impact toughness of abrasive means that during impact, the abrasive is subjected to a certain number of impacts according to the specified impact frequency(aluminum oxide grit), and sieved according to the specified conditions.

The impact toughness test of abrasive samples is carried out using CYCJ-04A impact toughness tester (produced by Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute)(brown fused aluminum oxide), according to the industry standard JB / T6571-1993 "Measurement method of impact toughness of synthetic diamond or cubic boron nitride" test. The impact frequency is 2000r / min(synthetic corundum), the number of impacts is 500, and the average value is measured 5 times for each group of samples.

Take it out and place it in a desiccator to cool to room temperature(black aluminum oxide), measure the dry weight of the abrasive as m, then evacuate the abrasive sample in a dry container for 15min to remove the air from the open pores, inject distilled water to submerge the sample, continue to vacuum Allow the sample to absorb water for 5 minutes(emery abrasive). The relative density of abrasive particles is measured using the Pyramid Method based on the Archimede principle, so as to obtain a good grinding effect.

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