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White Fused Aluminum Oxide Suppliers In China

According to the equipment selected, the green silicon carbide crushing process can be divided into: roll crusher method, sieving ball mill crusher method, fly mill crusher method and rod mill crusher method. The feeding should be uniform, and the entire length of the roller should be continuously fed uniformly, otherwise the white fused aluminium oxide surface of the roller skin will be locally abraded, resulting in annular grooves and raised edges.

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Thus, the silicon carbide abrasive particle size of the crushed product is uneven. When the roller is used properly, the roller must not be too large or too small, otherwise the crushing ratio will be small or the car will be stuck. For crushing materials with different particle sizes, it is best to use pairs of different diameters. The white aluminum oxide abrasive structure of the newspaper crusher determines that its crushing ratio cannot be very large. Generally, it is 3 to 4 when crushing corundum.

(white fused aluminum oxide suppliers in china)For stick machines for corundum crushing, the roller diameter should be 1 to 2 times larger than the length to ensure the black aluminum oxide strength and rigidity of the equipment. The speed of the roller should not be too high. The high speed not only increases the power consumption but also accelerates the pink aluminium oxide grinding and twisting of the shell. The fine powder increases. When the corundum is broken, the speed of the silver is preferably 2 ~ 2.5m / s.

The stick shell should be made of high-hardness foot pink aluminum oxide materials, such as high manganese steel and high carbon steel. For the stick machine insurance, a high-strength spring should be used. In fact, when the hard corundum material is broken, the spring has lost its insurance effect. In the equipment Can be canceled if the strength and rigidity are sufficient. Burning black aluminum oxide media process conditions and requirements of the ball intestine machine.

(white fused aluminum oxide suppliers in china)When using a ball mill with a sieve to pulverize the brown fused aluminum oxide material, the particle size of the feed cannot be too large. If the block is too large, the material will stay in the ball mill for a long time. Generally, the corundum's feed block should be less than 30mm, and the surrounding screens should be reasonably prepared white fused alumina price. Usually, the size of the screen around the ball mill should be one size larger than the particle size.

To supplement the steel balls, the overhaul lining board should compensate for the wear of the brown aluminium oxide steel balls, and should regularly add new balls to the mill and pick out the wear to less than 80mm and deformed steel balls. Generally, pick out some small balls every 10-15 days. The new ball should be reloaded in proportion according to the month, and the aluminum oxide grit ball consumption of the crushed corundum block is about 2.5-3.0kg / t.(white fused aluminum oxide suppliers in china)

When the ball mill works for one quarter or six months, the white aluminum oxide liner should be repaired and replaced if necessary. Appropriate feeding speed The feeding speed and the size of the feeding block, the screen load increases and even damage. When the corundum is required to break the lining plate and steel ball, in addition to the high specific gravity and aluminum oxide abrasive hardness of the lining plate and steel ball, Should have wear resistance and good toughness.

(white fused aluminum oxide suppliers in china)The output rate of white fused alumina common weights is reduced. Process conditions and requirements for crushing by stick machine. In general, the feeding speed should be balanced with the discharging speed. Balls forged and quenched with alloy steel are better. The liner is preferably 60 # manganese steel. Install a ball mill with a solid foundation.‘Usually the black silicon carbide base weight is 2.5 to 3.0 times the weight of the ball mill.

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