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It can be seen from the regulations on chemical composition of white fused alumina that the main differences among various corundum abrasive are the different contents of alumina, impurities and impurities. The chemical composition of corundum in national standard is mainly to control the content of alumina. The intention is that alumina content in white aluminum oxide abrasive accounts for a large proportion, and other substances are only a small amount.

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The grinding performance and other excellent properties of corundum abrasive are mainly determined by white fused aluminium oxide. However, higher than 97.50% will greatly reduce the bremsstrality of brown corundum, and the color will also deteriorate, so it is not expected that the Al2O3 content will exceed 97.50%. If the titanium oxide content is less than 1.50%, the brown corundum color will be gray; if the titanium oxide content is more than 3.80%, the content of Al2O3 will be affected.

(white fused aluminum oxide suppliers philippines)Generally speaking, the higher the content and purity of the main components of white aluminum oxide within the range of its quality index, the better the performance of abrasive. For brown corundum abrasives, the composition of alumina has a limited range. The meaning of this range is that the alumina content is lower than 95.00%, the mineral structure composition of non silicon carbide price is correspondingly increased, which will affect the grinding ability of abrasive.

However, it should be emphasized that the pink corundum block with Al2O3 content higher than 97.50% is not inferior. Although its bremsstrality is reduced, its hardness and grinding ability are not inferior. The content of titanium oxide has a great influence on the color of corundum. Therefore, the national standard also stipulates the content of titanium oxide in the chemical composition of green carborundum, which is 1.50% ~ 3.80%.

(white fused aluminum oxide suppliers philippines)However, the content of Fe2O3 in all the chemical components of white corundum is not regulated in the world. The reason is that the content of iron oxide has more influence on the magnetic properties of abrasive than the color. In the national standard for the magnetic content of 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media, the content of magnetic substances is strictly regulated, and the content of iron oxide is extremely strictly limited.

In fact, the content of iron oxide is indirectly and strictly regulated. The scientific research and production practice of brown fused alumina price crystal show that calcium oxide and magnesium oxide have great influence on the quality of corundum. Even a small amount of Cao will consume a large amount of Al2O3 and generate calcium hexaaluminate, so the silicon carbide companies national standard stipulates that Cao ≤ 0.45%. A small amount of MgO will also have a greater impact.

(white fused aluminum oxide suppliers philippines)The content of iron oxide has great influence on the color of pink fused alumina, which will make the color of abrasive black. Although the influence of silicon oxide on corundum is small, it still has influence. If oxygen is controlled, smelting should be carried out according to the existing process The content of black aluminum oxide media, titanium oxide and calcium oxide will not make the content of MgO and SiO2 impurity oxide in abrasive exceed the specified range.

Some people think that the black corundum content requirements of impurity oxides such as silicon, iron, calcium and magnesium should be fully specified in the standard of chemical composition of corundum abrasives, so as to completely reflect the overall picture of chemical composition of corundum abrasives and the general level of mark quality. Others think that the MgO content in bauxite and pink aluminium oxide powder used now is extremely small.(white fused aluminum oxide suppliers philippines)

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