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White Grain Aluminum Oxide A 220 Manufacturers Chile

As for the division of oxidized fault powder, the melted aluminum oxide powder is in the shape of cotton frame, so it does not need to be mechanically grinded(white fused alumina). As long as it is mechanically divided, it can become a relatively small end state. Division powder machine has drum type, Xia Dong type(60 grit aluminum oxide). After weighing, aluminum oxide powder can be stored to burn aluminum oxide powder for different types of corundum products.

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After the aluminum oxide powder is cooled to room temperature, it can be spread(white aluminum oxide). The mesh of the special machine is generally 160-200 mesh, under which a layer of simple mesh of 40-60 days is set off to enhance its firmness. For the bottle for alumina powder, 2000 ml glass bottle for sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid can be used(emery abrasive). Generally speaking, aluminum oxide powder accounts for about 90% of the customer volume of the bottle.(white grain aluminum oxide a 220 manufacturers chile)

It can also be a special glass bottle with a certain taper under a small mouth(white corundum). The bottle with alumina powder can be directly buckled on the auxiliary hopper of the sintering machine, and the alumina powder can fall automatically under the slight vibration of the cover, and the alumina standard can be continuously added to the disputes in the checking machine. Before sieving, remove the powder from each empty bottle(green silicon carbide). It can be carried out in two steps.

(white grain aluminum oxide a 220 manufacturers chile)In industry, alumina powder is directly sieved into the bottle from the powder machine, and each bottle should not be full, nor too tightly rotated(brown fused alumina price), so as to avoid that alumina can not drop from the bottle to the powder hopper of the sintering machine and affect the growth of the product. Choose different thermocouples according to the temperature of the furnace(synthetic corundum). The compensating wire of platinum platinum relay thermocouple is usually made of copper bond copper material.

From electric water of aluminum sulfate quilt, wall burning to arrow points of aluminum oxide powder(black aluminum oxide), as well as various equipment, tools and utensils used in each process of storage, they should be strictly separated to avoid mutual contamination and impact on quality(aluminum oxide grit). The change of cold end temperature will affect the correctness of temperature extrapolation. In order to eliminate this effect, compensation wire method is often used in industry.(white grain aluminum oxide a 220 manufacturers chile)

Mu He fan is beneficial to the preservation of chromium in pears, while copper promotes the loss of learning in the absence of titanium(pink aluminum oxide). People are most concerned about the coloring of red corundum and white corundum for industrial use, especially red mesh. This small part of the diseased alumina powder should be discarded(black silicon carbide). Do not use artificial crushing method to screen again to increase the yield of alumina powder, because this small part of alumina powder often affects the quality of crystal.

(white grain aluminum oxide a 220 manufacturers chile)At present, soft is widely used as an additive in the red corundum single ingredient(silicon carbide abrasive). The addition of the so-called "color assisting ion" not only improves the coloring degree of ruby, but also reduces the fracture of the attached jade when it is finished due to simply increasing the storage concentration(aluminum oxide abrasive). Therefore, in addition to adding colorants, a small amount of various additives are often added to improve the color degree of gemstones.

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