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It can be seen that the most popular views on the synthetic mechanism of synthetic diamond are "catalyst", "solvent" (or supersaturation) and "solid phase transformation"(white fused alumina). However, none of these theories involves a specific model of micro mechanism, so it is difficult to explain the synthesis of synthetic diamond in essence, which can only be limited to the description of individual phenomena observed(black silicon carbide). We call such substances catalysts.

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There are various forms of carbon atoms in the world, but now the synthetic diamond is mainly transformed from graphite, so the transformation mechanism with graphite as the raw material is mainly discussed below(white aluminum oxide). After comparing the atomic structure of graphite and diamond and the law of interaction among them, we can study the direct conversion mechanism of graphite to diamond from the law of interaction between atoms(aluminum oxide abrasive).

When the temperature is about 2000 K, the covalent bond formed by 2p electrons in the vertical direction can be broken again(white corundum), that is, the diamond structure is reduced to graphite structure, which is the so-called graphitization of diamond. Under certain conditions, graphite structure and diamond structure can be transformed into each other(aluminum oxide grit). At this time, the structure of carbon atom will change to sp hybrid state due to the action of four surrounding catalyst atoms. 

When graphite is transformed from iiiii to iiiiiiiii structure, it can be transformed into hexagonal diamond by heating and pressing in an instant(silicon carbide abrasive). It has been proved that hexagonal diamond can be produced at temperatures of 13gpa and 1000K by using well crystallized graphite as raw material and giving strong compression to its c-axis direction, the atomic energy on the close packed surface is aligned with the single atom on the graphite layer(synthetic corundum), so it can be at a lower pressure and temperature Make graphite into diamond.

As long as the atoms on the close packed surface of the substance are aligned with the atoms on the diamond (111) surface or in contact with the surface of the graphite layer(brown fused alumina price), and it can attract 2p: electrons on the single atom to focus on the vertical direction for bonding, which can promote the graphite layer to twist into the diamond structure(emery abrasive). It is pointed out that diamond can produce opposite transformation at high temperature and low pressure. 

The interface between the molten catalyst and graphite is very large, which can produce a large area of transformation, so the melting point of the catalyst should be low(green silicon carbide). In the molten metal catalyst, some carbon atoms can be dissolved and enter the tetrahedral pores of the close packed structure. The above is only for cubic diamond(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). Only under high pressure and temperature (about 13gpa, 2700k and above) can graphite be directly transformed into diamond.

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