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White Grain Aluminum Oxide A 220 Suppliers Malaysia

Because of the great labor intensity of the ramming method, this method is seldom used at present(silicon carbide price). Extrusion molding is a method of using strong force to extrude plastic mud to make it pass through the hole mold. The difference between extrusion and plastic molding is that they are made of plastic mud(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). They need a strong extrusion press. The power source is hydraulic pressure, compressed air or mechanical pressure.

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After mixing, the mud is taken out from the mixer and kneaded into a lump, covered with a wet cloth, and the trapped material is left standing to increase the plasticity(green carborundum). The barrel is used to hold mud. It can be matched with the barrel and loaded and unloaded(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The disadvantage is that the slurry is required to have a larger plasticity, the amount of binder added to the slurry is more, the firing shrinkage of the product is increased from the surface, and the density of the product is reduced.

Most of the raw materials used for special refractories belong to the debate material, which is not plastic(silicon carbide companies). It must be plasticized before extrusion, usually adding plasticizer or binder to make it plastic. In industrial production, dextrin, industrial syrup, carboxymethylcellulose, polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl alcohol and other organic plasticizers are commonly used(fine grit aluminum oxide). Hollow or solid alumina products with long and thin or special section shape are usually formed by extrusion.

The process of material entrapment is indispensable in extrusion molding(white fused alumina). The longer the material is trapped, the better the plasticity of the slurry is. Generally, the time of material entrapment shall not be less than 48h. After the material is entrapped, the mud shall be mixed and kneaded into a lump by hand, and then it can be put into the extruder for forming. The extruder is mainly composed of barrel, nozzle and movable stockade(arc fused alumina). They are mostly used in the production of special refractories.

According to the different production scale, the lower part of the barrel is gradually reduced to funnel shape(white aluminum oxide). The particle size of the slurry is required to be less than 2 um, accounting for more than 85%. This requires that the model has high fire resistance, good air permeability, high impact strength and thermal shock resistance, and does not react with the melt(180 grit aluminum oxide). The length is cut according to the needs, and the production efficiency is higher.

Because the diameter of the lower part of the barrel and the nozzle is gradually reduced(white corundum), the piston moves under the external pressure, which makes the mud suffer a lot of extrusion pressure and extrudes the compact body from the nozzle. The advantage of extrusion molding is that it can manufacture products with much longer length than the cross-section, such as hollow tubes or solid bars with various cross-sections(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The machine nozzle is a preformed finalizer according to the size and shape of the extrusion blank.

The melting and casting forming method is a forming method that the mixture is melted at high temperature and then directly casted to make the ingot(brown fused aluminum oxide). Because of the common use of electric arc furnace to melt the burden, the products formed by melting are also called electrofusion products. The most important feature of melt casting is to pour the high temperature melt directly into the model(fused alumina). Add plasticizer to the prepared powder for mixing.

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