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White Grain Aluminum Oxide A 220 Wholesale Germany

Silicon carbide has the advantages of high temperature resistance, high strength, good thermal conductivity and impact resistance. The chemical properties of white corundum are very stable, generally inert, so it can exist alone in diamond ceramic tiles, but this does not mean that the white corundum does not react. The high quality brown corundum contains less than 0.3% iron, less than 0.3% silicon and 1.5-3.8% titanium.

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The presence of silicon oxide mainly affects the properties of brown corundum(pink corundum). In order to ensure the transparency and color of the white corundum abrasives, the appropriate increase of the amount of white corundum abrasives. According to the existing white corundum powder, the fineest types are 8000 mesh and 10000 mesh. Granulation technology has been applied and developed in ancient Chinese patent medicine processing.(white grain aluminum oxide a 220 wholesale germany)

Because white corundum is white, polishing will not affect the color of the workpiece, so it is commonly used in high-grade hand decoration and precision instrument polishing(white fused alumina). Its main chemical composition is aluminum oxide, its content is 95.00% - 98.00%, if less than this content, then it belongs to grade II or grade III brown corundum, and contains a small amount of iron, silicon, titanium, etc(aluminum oxide grit). It is then encapsulated in α - alumina grains.

(white grain aluminum oxide a 220 wholesale germany)The increase of brown corundum production is mainly due to the increase in the demand for brown corundum for refractory materials due to the growth of downstream industries mentioned above(white aluminum oxide). Although the output of some areas in Henan Province has decreased due to the impact of environmental protection, the new capacity in Guizhou this year has made up for the gap(aluminum oxide abrasive). The content of silicon oxide in bauxite should not exceed 4%.

It can be used as high temperature indirect heating material, such as retort furnace, rectifying furnace tray, aluminum reduction cell, copper melting furnace lining, arc plate for zinc powder furnace, thermocouple protection tube, etc(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). The increase of non alumina in white corundum will not only reduce the grinding performance of white corundum, but also greatly reduce its toughness, and the other part is in free state, too much will have a negative effect.

One of the important reasons why brown corundum abrasives can be polished is that it has good chemical stability(brown fused aluminum oxide), which will not cause chemical reaction due to the different materials of the workpiece, let alone corrode the workpiece. According to the size of brown corundum abrasives, the effect of polishing is also very different. Generally, coarse-grained abrasives are rough polishing, while fine-grained brown corundum powder is fine polishing.(white grain aluminum oxide a 220 wholesale germany)

In terms of performance, the higher the content of silica, the worse the high temperature resistance(black corundum). As a refractory, if the content of alumina reaches 96%, the content of silica should be controlled below 1.2%. Only brown corundum containing solid solution titanium oxide (Ti2O3) will appear calcined blue. Generally, some of the white corundum abrasives are reactive(silicon carbide price).  At present, we can call it "white corundum powder" which is larger than 200 mesh.

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