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White Aluminium Oxide 180/220 Manufacturers UK

Si and N4 react to form silicon nitride (SIN) to form a very solid combination(white corundum). SiC particles are combined to achieve sintering through chemical reaction: 3Si + 2n sin. When manufacturing products combining Si and N, it is necessary to make all Si and n into sin(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Otherwise, under the condition of repeated heating and cooling, the residual Si will crack the products and cause fracture.

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This kind of products have the characteristics of high strength (compressive strength is greater than 200MPa(brown fused alumina price), tensile strength is 19mpa at 1000), good thermal shock resistance (900C water cooling is greater than 100 times), higher than 1800 ℃, porosity is 15% ~ 19%, bulk density is 2.55 ~ 2.62g/cm, elastic modulus and hardness are higher(240 grit aluminum oxide). The product has strong acid resistance and is not wetted by non-ferrous metals.

The strength of these products increases with the increase of silicon nitride content(black corundum). The decomposition temperature of Si and N is 1900 ℃, and SiO2 is formed in oxidation atmosphere. Si and N are very strong fibrous materials, but they are not firmly combined with the SiO2 film of SiC, usually without large pores(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). However, the fiber structure makes the structure area slightly permeable, so SiC particles cannot be well protected.

In the process of preparation, the best Si / SiO2 ratio and synthesis temperature must be controlled(pink corundum). In the early 1960s, and after forming, silicon carbide products combined with silicon oxynitride (si2on2) appeared again. Its oxidation resistance is better than that of pure carbonated healthy products(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight), but its alkali resistance is poor. Silicon carbide particles are firmly combined due to the formation of silicon oxynitride (si2on2).

It has better properties than the products combined with silicon nitride(180 grit aluminum oxide), such as high strength at room temperature and high temperature, good thermal shock stability, relatively stable in oxidation atmosphere, especially strong corrosion resistance. This combination is due to the reaction of silicon oxynitride formation(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Si and on adhere to the SiO2 film on the surface of SiC and react with it to form a continuous protective film.

It combines with SiC firmly and has strong ability to protect SiC particles, so it has good anti-oxidation performance(white fused alumina). In silicon carbide batching, a certain proportion of (SI) and silicon oxide powder is added, high starting point of load softening, silicon carbide products combined with silicon oxynitride are fired in n atmosphere at 1450 ℃(100 grit aluminum oxide media). The reaction process is as follows: Si + Si0 - → (intermediate product) 2Si + 2Si + 2n - → 2sizon.

The product can also be made by adding a small amount of Ca (on) 2 into (SI) and silicon carbide, and the preform is fired in normal atmosphere or nitrogen gas flow(white aluminum oxide). When adopting the above preparation method, the atmosphere must be well controlled to make the nitrogen concentration uniform(1200 grit aluminum oxide), so as to eliminate the fluctuation of the composition of the product itself and among the products, as shown in the figure.

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