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No matter what the composition of the solution is, the viscosity of the 60 grit aluminum oxide solution increases with the increase of the concentration of alo, and with the increase of the concentration of odd base; with the increase of the concentration of the solution and the decrease of the molar ratio of Na2O: Al2O3, the viscosity of the aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive solution increases sharply, especially in the high concentration solution. 

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The relationship between the concentration and molar ratio of green silicon carbide sodium aluminate solution and its viscosity is shown in the figure. The increase of the concentration of nazc in the solution makes the viscosity increase to a certain extent. Therefore, the relationship between the heat capacity and the composition of aluminum oxide 40 grit sodium aluminate solution with different molar ratio can be written as the form of COD = f (n), where n is the concentration of Na2O in sodium aluminate solution.

The heat capacity of pink corundum sodium aluminate solution is determined by the composition of the solution. In alumina production, if the concentration of Na2O and Al2O3 is in g / L and the specific heat capacity is in kJ / (kg · C), the heat capacity of sodium aluminate solution in unit volume (L or m3) is equal to the product of specific heat capacity and solution density, namely CADO, it is proved that there are colloidal particles of aluminum oxide for sand blaster hydroxide in aluminate solution. 

As early as the 1930s, people began to study the structure of sodium aluminate solution, but the structure and silicon carbide abrasive properties of sodium aluminate solution are very different from many common electrolyte solutions, such as density, viscosity, conductivity, saturated vapor pressure, etc. the structure of sodium aluminate solution is still unknown, high purity fused aluminum oxide and there was a "hundred schools of thought" situation.

In recent years, in addition to the traditional electrochemical and physicochemical test methods, a large number of modern research black corundum methods have been adopted, such as infrared absorption spectroscopy, ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy, X-ray and ultrasonic spectroscopy, brown fused alumina price which can directly approximate the determination of ion structure. These methods have made great progress in the study of the structure of sodium p-malonate solution.

According to the white fused alumina research results, Raman spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, the sodium palmitate in the solution is actually completely dissociated into sodium ions and aluminate anions, and the structure of sodium aluminate solution we call refers to the composition and structure of aluminate anions. The existence of colloidal dispersed aluminum oxide sandblasting media hydroxide in supersaturated sodium aluminate solution has aroused great controversy.

The researchers represented by iohamapes think that the white aluminum oxide dissolution process of Al (OH) 3 is carried out according to the following ways: rent dispersion, colloid dispersion and molecule dispersion, and through the phenomenon of electrocoagulation, the relationship curve with composition is obviously special, and in the black silicon carbide process of decomposition, sodium aluminate solution is constantly changing, so although there are many problems In.

There are also three opinions, for example, according to the white corundum partial characteristics of sodium aluminate solution, each of them can be considered as correct. However, from the perspective of all the characteristics of sodium propionate solution, because the internal structure of sodium aluminate solution changes with the alkali concentration, mole ratio, temperature and other corundum sand conditions in the solution, the three opinions can not be generally classified as one.

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