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White Aluminium Oxide 180/220 Suppliers China

Because the aluminum oxide grit potentials of solid particles and liquid medium are fixed, their values are determined by their kinds and states. Therefore, the solid-phase potential (AB) and the dielectric potential (DE) in the diagram are fixed, and the only variable one is the electric potential. When the gravity is greater than that between particles, the 100 grit aluminum oxide particles are dispersed and suspended. 

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When the gravity is less than that between particles, the white fused alumina particles condense and settle. Therefore, changing the potential can adjust the suspension performance of the mud. It can be seen from the figure that the B C D curve is continuously changing. It is also important to improve the potential and viscosity of silicon carbide abrasive slurry. Under the action of electrostatic force, the positively charged al-o3 particles will absorb the different ion CL 1 in the solution.

How can we change the white aluminum oxide size? For a certain particle and a certain medium, the values of B and D are fixed (i.e. the E value is fixed). Only the C point can be changed (i.e. the value can be changed). What determines the position of the C point is the thickness of the double electric layer, i.e. the relative positions of AA, BB and CC. Experience shows that when the pH value is about 3.5, Al2O3 slurry has better fluidity and lower viscosity aluminum oxide abrasive.

So as long as we change the thickness of the double layer, we can change the white corundum size (the quantitative expression of the electric potential is = (4xed) / E, where e is the surface charge of the particle, D is the thickness of the double layer, and is the dielectric constant of the medium). The measures taken in green silicon carbide production are all aimed at changing the electric potential. For clay mud, a certain amount of electrolyte is added to adjust the fluidity (the reciprocal of viscosity).

When electrolytes are added into the mud, the fluidity of the black corundum mud can be increased or the water content can be reduced with the same water content. It is obvious that viscosity and potential are the main factors to ensure proper fluidity and stability of various slurries. The surface of clay particles is negatively charged and has electrostatic attraction, brown fused alumina price which means that there is a certain potential difference between the surface of clay particles and each part of water medium.

The pink corundum surface energy of the ground Al2O3 particles is very large. It can react with water to produce hydrolysis reaction, that is, Al2O3 + 3H2O → 2Al (OH) 3. In the al2o3-h2o system, adding a small amount of hydrochloric acid can have the following reaction: because the fine alumina particles have strong adsorption, it will selectively adsorb the same Al + ions as its own composition, so that the Al2O3 synthetic corundum particles are positively charged.

Because this electrostatic force decreases with the increase of distance, glass beads supplier Cl 2 + will wrap women around the charged Al2O3 particles to form the double electric layer structure of the adsorption layer and the diffusion layer, so as to form the Al2O3 micelle. In this way, it is possible to adjust the pH value, black silicon carbide add electrolyte or protective colloid and other technological measures. To improve and adjust the viscosity, specific potential and suspension stability of Al2O3 slurry.

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