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White Aluminium Oxide 180/220 Suppliers Germany

When the new high-pressure heater is built(80 grit aluminum oxide), the above parts can also be lined by spraying method, with high construction efficiency and good quality. In the upper and middle part of the furnace shaft, there is no slag formation and slag corrosion due to the low temperature (400-800c). It mainly bears burden impact, gas erosion, alkali metal erosion and carbon deposition(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). 

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Especially when the variety and quality of refractories are increased, the life of blast furnace is greatly prolonged(white corundum). These bricks are generally made of low iron and low alkali refractory materials, and the compressive strength has increased by more than one time; good thermal conductivity and strong corrosion resistance(green silicon carbide), its lining is mainly made of dense clay bricks, which are shaped by high temperature or high pressure. 

For example, the Al2O3 content of clay brick used in kouben blast furnace has increased from 38% to more than 42%, iron oxide and strong alkali oxide have been greatly reduced(brown fused alumina price); the apparent porosity has decreased from 20% to about 10%, the fire resistance has increased from 1710 ℃ to 1750 ℃, and the load softening temperature (deformation 4%) has increased nearly 100C, which meets the needs of blast furnace smelting(fine grit aluminum oxide).

Up to now, medium blast furnace is mainly used in ironmaking, and some blast furnaces are also made of high alumina bricks or special refractories(black corundum); in Germany, France, Italy and other countries, clay bricks or high alumina bricks are generally used in the body of blast furnace(black silicon carbide); The British blast furnace is still built with clay bricks, with a service life of about 6 years, i.e. each furnace can smelt more than 1 million tons of pig iron.

Therefore, it has high bulk density, low porosity, high load softening temperature and high temperature strength(pink corundum). To sum up, high quality clay bricks and high aluminum bricks are mainly used in the middle and upper part of the furnace shaft. In Japan, high-grade refractories with high purity(180 grit aluminum oxide), such as high alumina electric melting bricks and synthetic mullite bricks, have also been used in the lower part of the blast furnace.

Holland and other countries use phosphoric acid solution with concentration of 50% to dip clay brick and high alumina brick(white fused alumina), which can improve the alkali resistance and prolong the life of furnace lining by 10%; the United States uses phosphate combined high alumina brick on the blast furnace body(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media), the bulk density has increased, which has been used for 5 years and produces more than 4 million tons of iron.

During shutdown inspection, the average wear of furnace lining is 13mm, the residual strength is high, and the erosion of K2CO3 and other substances is also slight(silicon carbide abrasive). However, with the establishment of the working conditions of large and medium-sized blast furnace and the system of greatly extending the service life of blast furnace, refractory materials with excellent flaking resistance and wear resistance are required in this part(240 grit aluminum oxide).

In Russia, dense clay bricks or kaolin seven bricks are mainly used in the blast furnace shaft(white aluminum oxide); in the United States, large blast furnaces started earlier, but their progress is slow. Therefore, phosphate bonded clay brick can also be used in the upper part of the furnace body(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight), sillimanite refractory brick and high alumina refractory brick with excellent spalling resistance can also be used in the upper part and the middle part.

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