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White Aluminium Oxide 180/220 Suppliers Indonesia

Coated abrasives are composed of three parts: matrix, abrasive and binder(white aluminum oxide). According to the difference of matrix, abrasive and binder, as well as the difference of product shape and manufacturing method, which have different properties and uses. Profile is a general term for all shapes of Coated Abrasives except the above four shapes(best alumium oxide for glass blasting). The shape of the product is page shape and the grinding object is mainly wood.

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Dry abrasive cloth is a kind of coated abrasive with cotton cloth as the base(white corundum), animal glue and synthetic resin as the binder, which firmly adheres natural abrasive or artificial abrasive to the base and cuts into various shapes. In China, this kind of product mainly refers to a kind of product with animal glue as binder. In developed countries(aluminum oxide blast media), most of animal glue has been replaced by synthetic resin with good quality, which greatly improves the product quality.

It is water-resistant and can only be used for dry grinding or for grinding in non-aqueous media with appropriate solid lubricants(brown fused alumina price). The difference between dry abrasive paper and dry abrasive cloth is that paper is used instead of cloth. In China, this kind of product mainly refers to a kind of product whose binder is animal glue (mainly bone glue), it can be divided into various varieties(silicon carbide 180 grit), whose abrasives are natural emery, garnet and glass sand.

In the developed countries, due to the use of paper with good quality and different weight(120 grit aluminum oxide), as well as synthetic resin and artificial abrasives, the product shape has not only page shape, but also band shape, disk shape and roll shape, with a wider application range(white aluminium oxide 180/220). The abrasive paper belt for grinding plywood belongs to water-resistant abrasive paper, as the name suggests, which is characterized by water resistance and can be ground in water.

Water-resistant abrasive cloth is a kind of cloth based, synthetic resin with good water-resistant performance as binder(100 grit aluminum oxide). There are many kinds and specifications of sand belt, and the perimeter and width can be selected at will. The properties of coated abrasives are determined by the types of abrasives, particle sizes(brown aluminium oxide grit), planting density and planting methods, the types of matrix and matrix treatment methods, the types of binders and the combination of binder layers.

It is different from dry sanding paper in that it is based on water-resistant paper (or water-resistant treated paper), with paint or synthetic resin as binder(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers). The application of water-resistant abrasive paper is also very good, for example, it is used in the bottom grinding of automobile, hull, machine tool, etc. and the polishing of precision instruments and meters(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). Some need to be further solidified in the curing furnace after winding into large coils.

Because of its high water resistance requirements, the substrate treatment must be attached with water, so the manufacturing process is complex(white fused alumina), the cost is high, the proportion in the coated abrasives is small, but it has good bonding strength and strong grinding ability, and it is mainly used to make sand belt, which is used in water quality coolant(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). At present, the width can be from 10 mm to 4200 mm, and the perimeter can be from 200 mm to 15 m.

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