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White Aluminium Oxide 180/220 Suppliers Russia

Their composition includes Al2O3 and SiO2, as well as one or several cations and hydrated water in equilibrium with the negative charge of the aluminosilicate structure(white aluminum oxide). Their structural characteristics are: when the zeolite is heated, the water can be continuously expelled, and after dehydration, the original crystal structure remains intact, resulting in a network structure with open cavities(aluminum oxide sandblasting media).

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The zeolite after dehydration is placed in humid air(high purity fused aluminum oxide), it can absorb the same amount of water molecules to restore the properties before dehydration, and it can also absorb H2S, NH3, CO2 and alcohol molecules to fill the original water molecules. Zeolite family minerals also have cation exchange properties and were first used as cation exchangers(aluminum oxide 40 grit). Type A zeolite is a synthetic alkali metal aluminosilicate similar in many ways to natural zeolites.

The chemical composition changes according to the formation conditions(white corundum). Generally it can be written as: Na2O · Al2O3 · 2SiO2 · nH2O. Tests have shown that zeolite is stable when heated in a lower concentration solution. After 10 hours in a 10% NaOH solution, it irreversibly transforms into a synthetic sodalite(150 grit aluminum oxide). Hydrous aluminosilicates are actually produced in this area in alumina production, it is also called sodalite.

Natural sodalite group minerals, the composition can be expressed by the following general formula: 3 (Na2) · Al2O3 · 2Si (h) · (Naz, Ca) [Cl2, SO4, CO3, (OH) 2, S ...](brown fused alumina price). In natural minerals, the additional salt is chloride called sodalite, and the sulfide is called lapis(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). They are all equiaxed crystals, but the lattice parameters are different; the additional salt is Carbonate is called mayenite, which belongs to the hexagonal system.

The so-called synthetic sodalite group compound refers to a synthetic mineral having the same crystal structure as the natural sodalite group mineral(black corundum). In the Na2O-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O system without other salt impurities, at higher temperatures, the sulfate is called aragonite, the additional salt of the desiliconized product may be NaOH (basic sodalite) according to the concentration and singularity ratio of the solution(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media).

Synthetic minerals with the same crystalline structure as natural sodalite are called basic sodalite(white fused alumina); those with the same crystalline structure as natural ocherite are called basic sodalite; those with the same crystalline structure as natural calcinite are called basic sodalite(60 grit aluminum oxide). NaAl (OH) 4 (aluminate sodalite) or NaAl (OH) 4 · NaOH are called "basic" and "hydroxy" sodalite family compounds. Contained water is not part of its structure.

Phases IV and VI are synthetic compounds of the sodalite family(pink corundum). The most common cations are sodium and calcium ions. When the solution contains other salt impurities (CO3, S etc.), regardless of whether the additional anion of the desiliconized product is the same as the corresponding natural mineral, it is named according to its crystal structure, such as: the desiliconized product contains C % , But its crystalline structure is the same as sodalite(aluminum oxide for sand blaster).

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