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White Aluminium Oxide 180/220 Wholesale Price Taiwan

It can also be seen from the figure that the main mineral composition of clay brick is quartz and mullite(white aluminum oxide). For example, in the production of silica brick, when the Al2O3 content is between 0% and 5.5% (i.e. on the left of E, point), the liquidus is very steep(arc fused alumina). Al2O3-SiO2 refractories mainly include silicon, aluminum silicate and corundum. It is also used in the high-temperature load-bearing parts of the hot blast furnace. 

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As long as the Al2O3 content slightly increases, the temperature of liquid phase will sharply decrease(brown fused alumina price). When producing clay brick, if the Al2O3 content in raw material is increased, that is to say, the proportioning point moves to the right, the quality of clay brick can be improved(fused alumina). Because of the small burning shrinkage and burning reduction of the wax stone, it can be directly used for brick making without calcination.

In the Al2O3-SiO2 system, the temperature of all liquidus is higher, which has guiding significance for many refractories production(black corundum). Silica brick is a kind of acid refractory material. It has a strong ability of acid resistant slag. Its high temperature strength is good(black oxide aluminum). Its load softening temperature is close to its fire resistance, generally 1620 ~ 1660 ℃, and it has the advantage of no deformation in long-term use under high temperature.

Silica refractories refer to refractories containing more than 93% SiO2, which are the main varieties of acid refractories(white corundum). The main products are fired silica bricks, and there are also bulk silica refractories. Silica brick is mainly composed of tridymite, cristobalite, residual quartz and glass phase(silicon carbide companies). Using silica as raw material, adding a small amount of lime and iron scale as mineralizing agent to promote the transformation of quartz into tridymite.

Generally, there is no crystal transformation(silicon carbide price), linear expansion coefficient is small and thermal shock resistance of silica brick is good above 600 ℃, but the opposite is true below 600 ℃. It is mainly used for building coke oven, as well as the vault and other load-bearing parts of various glass, ceramic and refractory thermal kilns(glass beads supplier). It is not suitable to be used in the thermal equipment below 600 ℃ and with large temperature fluctuation.

The main components of aluminosilicate refractories are Al2O3 and SiO2, and also contain a small amount of impurities, such as TiO2, Fe, CA, MgO, RO, etc(white fused alumina). Generally, according to the content of Al2O3, it can be divided into three types: semi siliceous (Al2O3, 15% ~ 30%), clayey (A12O3, 30% ~ 48%) and high alumina (Al2O3 > 48%). Semi silica brick can be made of natural siliceous clay and wax stone, and also can be made of quartz and clay(220 grit aluminum oxide).

Semi silica refractory products include semi silica brick and wax stone brick(pink corundum). It is used as the lining of glass kiln, steel ladle, heating furnace, soaking pit, cupola, open hearth regenerator and carbonization furnace. Wax stone brick, also known as pyrophyllite brick, is made of wax stone(green carborundum). This product is mainly used as the lining of steel drum. Clay refractories are mainly composed of mullite (25% ~ 50%), glass phase (25% ~ 60%), cristobalite and quartz (up to 30%).

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