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Wholesale Brown Fused Alumina Suppliers China

After the formation of the same floor slab, the artificial corundum erection and removal of the bent structure and the construction in the decoration stage may damage the floor surface, while the local secondary repair of the floor surface will cause obvious color difference of the floor, aluminium oxide blasting grit which will affect the decoration effect of the whole floor, so the protection of the floor slab is the key point.

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Elevation control of brown fused alumina reinforcement surface layer → pouring of structural floor slab → vibration and leveling → the first time of emery distribution and rough grinding → the second time of emery distribution and fine grinding → detail filling and manual grinding → emery floor maintenance → geotextile and plywood cover protection. The elevation of the fused aluminum oxide formwork bent shall be retested by the relevant masonry and technical personnel.

(wholesale brown fused alumina suppliers china)Measure the elevation control sign + 0.50m from the datum point of elevation to the vertical reinforcement of frame silicon carbide price, 4 corners shall be set. A 20 m m × 20 mm square steel is set at a longitudinal spacing of 3 m, and the bottom is a reinforced T-shaped support. The aluminium oxide blasting key points of the project are to improve the flatness of floor reinforcement binding and concrete pouring, as well as the flatness of emery leveling and grinding. 

After the elevation of the T-shaped support is positioned, the brown aluminum oxide square steel is placed on the T-shaped support and temporarily fixed by binding wire (the square steel is 3 mm higher than the structural surface). When the formwork bent is erected, it must be measured from the vertical structure elevation control point, the emery abrasive shall be evenly distributed and dropped, and the erection height of the formwork bent shall be strictly controlled.

(wholesale brown fused alumina suppliers china)Before the first distribution, the leveled concrete floor shall be carefully inspected, and the pink corundum local laitance position shall be timely scraped to avoid affecting the bonding quality; with the spreading height of 0.5-0.8m, and there shall be no leakage at the root of the upturning beam, around the frame synthetic corundum and other detailed positions. After the concrete floor is poured and leveled, the key is to control the distribution time of emery. 

Then, the second spreading is carried out. At the same time of large-area uniform spreading, large amount of brown aluminium oxide spreading is added to the bleeding and coloring parts, and the defective parts are repaired. After the first distribution and troweling of carborundum, the arc fused alumina quality inspector shall conduct the first inspection on the uneven and uneven distribution of the floor. The amount of wear-resistant floor is 5 kg / m2 (thickness is 2-3mm).(wholesale brown fused alumina suppliers china)

Then the second distribution shall be carried out, and the distribution direction shall be vertical to the first; the black corundum spreader shall be used to grind and disperse, so as to fully combine with the concrete surface. Carborundum shall be constructed simultaneously with the structural floor slab, and the flatness of the floor shall be controlled according to the silicon carbide companies requirements of the building decoration floor, with high flatness requirements.

(wholesale brown fused alumina suppliers china)The construction personnel shall evenly distribute the white alumina wear-resistant materials by hand in two times, the first time of distribution is 2 / 3, and the second time of distribution is 1 / 3. After the emery wear-resistant material is distributed, use a trowel to rough smooth. In this project, when the construction personnel walk on the green carborundum poured floor and the concrete surface is 3-4 mm concave, the first spreading is carried out.

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