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Wholesale Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Belgium

We all know that the use of brown fused alumina can effectively improve the hydrophilicity of abrasives. After two to four hours at 1200 ℃, it is obvious that its hydrophilicity has been improved by 3.5 times. It can be said that it is an indispensable raw material for smelting industry. The calcination of corundum sand improves the hydrophilicity of the abrasive.

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The hydrophilic properties of brown aluminum oxide can be improved by 3.5 times after being burned at 800 ℃ - 1350 ℃ for 2-4 hours. The smelting and processing of brown corundum can not be separated from electricity, and electric energy is essential. Because the impurities such as volatiles on the surface of aluminum oxide sandblasting media are removed, and the capillary phenomenon on the surface of abrasives is increased.

The bulk density of brown aluminium oxide decreased correspondingly, and the hydrophilicity improved. When abrasives are used for coating abrasives, their durability can be improved by about 30%. It improves the strength of abrasive tools. The appearance and cutting ability of the grinding tool are improved. After calcination, the black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit can remove the impurities such as volatiles on the surface, improve the purity and cleanliness of abrasives.

Therefore, when making white alumina, the binding force of abrasives and binders can be improved, the amount of binder can be reduced, and the strength of abrasives can be improved. After calcination, the abrasives wrapped with iron corundum expanded and cracked, so the magnetic materials were simply removed by magnetic separation, which reduced the magnetic content of abrasives, and there was no rust spot when the black synthetic corundum were fired.

We know that black corundum can be divided into three grades. We can choose different grades of white corundum products according to different needs of users. The price of grade I, II, III products is different. Generally, grade I white corundum is suitable for refractories, the substances with low melting point are burned, grade II is suitable for pink aluminium oxide, and grade III is suitable for abrasives Cooperate in sand blasting, polishing, rust removal, etc.

The reason why the pink corundum production process of reduced iron powder is becoming more and more mature is that a large number of natural gas is developed and utilized, especially the adoption of high-efficiency natural gas conversion method, which provides suitable reduced gas, which makes the direct reduction method obtain new energy with rich sources and relatively cheap aluminium oxide sandblasting price; thus improving the appearance and cutting ability of the abrasives.

the rapid development of electric furnace steelmaking and the need of aluminium oxide 36 grit smelting a variety of high-quality steel greatly expand the demand for reduced iron powder; beneficiation With the improvement of technology, a large number of high-grade concentrate and gangue in ore can be provided to reduce to the extent that reduction iron powder smelting process does not need to be removed, thus simplifying the direct high purity fused aluminum oxide reduction technology.

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