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The main phase composition of the clinker is mullite and glass phase or a small amount of SiO2(alumina abrasive); the phase composition is related to the content of Al2O3 in raw materials, calcination temperature and duration; with the increase of Al2O3 content, the content of mullite increases with appropriate calcination temperature and prolongation of calcination time(46 grit aluminum oxide). Kaolinite raw material is usually called refractory clay or refractory clay.

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China is rich in kaolinite resources(pink corundum). The ionic bond structure of unit crystal layer makes the internal structure of crystal layer more firm, while the characteristics of complete dissociation and natural comminution exist between unit crystal layers. Kaolinite clinker has low linear expansion rate and strong deformation resistance(commercial name mullite)(garnet abrasive), so it is suitable for refractory material of investment casting shell reinforcement layer (back layer).

(cheap white aluminium oxide grains factory uk)Practice shows that the shell made of kaolinite clinker has stable high temperature strength and good thermal shock stability(white fused alumina), the solid particles coated by liquid redistribute and agglomerate. With the rapid development of China's industry, in order to meet the needs of general civil investment casting industry(fused aluminum oxide), a variety of kaolinite clinker developed in China has also entered into practical production and application. 

After calcining at high temperature to a certain sintering temperature and holding for several hours(brown fused alumina price), after cooling, it is sieved into kaolinite clinker particles and powders with various particle sizes. Therefore, kaolinite clinker is widely used at home and abroad, such as molochite in the UK(garnet suppliers), Shangdian clay in China, M-like compound in China, mullite in Jinyan kaolin General Plant of Huli mining company in Anhui Province, etc.(cheap white aluminium oxide grains factory uk)

Kaolinite clinker is processed by crushing, removing impurities and magnetic separation(white aluminum oxide). At the same time, the refractoriness of kaolinite clinker is generally ≥ 1750 ℃, its linear expansion coefficient is 5 × 10 ~ * 1 / C, and the density is 2.4 ~ 2.6g/em; Under the action of surface tension(brown corundum powder), The standard of Ministry of aviation industry hb5348-1986 specifies the chemical composition and content of Shangdian earth sand (powder) for investment casting.

(cheap white aluminium oxide grains factory uk)After years of production practice, and with the joint efforts of materials and scientific and technological personnel of production enterprises(black corundum), the quality, performance and phase composition of kaolinite clinker in China are very close or have already reached Catch up with the same level of foreign materials, remasil in the United States(glass bead blasting media suppliers), good repeated firing performance and easy shelling and cleaning; and mullite is formed at the same time.

The organic matter content of kaolinite clinker in Jinyan kaolin General Plant of Huaibei Shuoli mine is low(white corundum), which meets the requirements of the standard hb5348-1986 issued by the Ministry of aviation industry(steel grid). The application of kaolinite raw material in investment casting is to add it to the reinforcing coating with sodium silicate as binder to improve the normal temperature and high temperature strength of sodium silicate shell.(cheap white aluminium oxide grains factory uk)

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