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Cheap Brown Corundum Manufacturer

With the shortage of high-quality bauxite resources in China, the grade of bauxite is decreasing, the cost of brown sapphire smelting is getting higher and higher, and the energy consumption is getting bigger and bigger. This is not only inconsistent with the current development situation of industrial energy-saving and emission reduction. It does not take advantage of the healthy and sustainable development of the brown fused aluminum oxide industry.

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Faced with the status of China's bauxite resources and brown corundum industry, the future brown corundum industry will inevitably have innovation in production technology. How to use low-grade bauxite to produce high-quality brown fused alumina products, transform China's abundant bauxite resources advantages into technological advantages and economic advantages, improve the comprehensive utilization rate of bauxite resources, and enable China's brown corundum industry to Healthy and sustainable development.

(cheap brown corundum manufacturer)Carry out research on chemical technology or physical purification method before and after smelting of low-grade aluminum bauxite to improve the grade of bauxite; According to the influence of the chemical reaction behavior of impurity components and the change of physical properties on the brown aluminum oxide smelting process under high temperature, the high-power or super-high power of 7 500 kVA and above is utilized to carry out brown fused alumina smelting in medium and low grade bauxite.

Feasibility; According to the influence of impurities on the performance of brown corundum, the smelting process of smelting brown aluminium oxide by innovative electric arc furnace. Settling bottle method: The test process firstly prepare a certain amount of sample and liquid in a 500ml or 1000l measuring cylinder to make a suspension, stir well and then take a certain amount (such as 20ml) as the total weight of the sample, and then calculate the settlement time of each particle according to Stokes' law.(cheap brown corundum manufacturer)

The same amount of suspension is released at each time to represent the corresponding particle size at that time. The particle size distribution can be calculated by drying and weighing the suspension at each moment.  This method is currently used in industries such as abrasives and river sediments. Ultrasonic method: A method for measuring white aluminium oxide particle size distribution by different particle size effects on ultrasonic waves. It can directly test solid-liquid ratio to 70% high concentration slurry.

(cheap brown corundum manufacturer)We believe that we can start from the following aspects. This method is a new technology. At present, there are people at home and abroad to conduct research. It is said that there are instruments in foreign countries, and there is currently no domestic. Dynamic light scattering method is mainly used to measure the pink aluminum oxide particle size distribution of nanomaterials. The principle is basically the same as the principle of settlement before and after. 

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