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Cheap White Alumina Powder Wholesale Supplier

As we all know, alumina powder is the main raw material for the production of white corundum. So, what is the difference between aluminum hydroxide and alumina powder? The difference is still quite big. So how do you carry out the district? Let us understand A: The difference between alumina and aluminum hydroxide powder: their morphology is different: aluminum hydroxide is a white precipitate, alumina is a solid. This is the easiest aspect to distinguish and can be distinguished from the outside.

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The properties are different: aluminum hydroxide is an amphoteric hydroxide, and alumina is an amphoteric oxide, wherein alumina is the product of aluminum hydroxide. In fact, in addition to the above two, pink corundum can also be judged by heating aluminum hydroxide, since aluminum hydroxide can be obtained by heating aluminum hydroxide. Alumina is a high hardness compound with a melting point of 2054 ° C and a boiling point of 2980 ° C. It is an ion crystal that can be ionized at high temperatures and is commonly used in the manufacture of refractory materials.

(cheap white alumina powder wholesale supplier)Industrial Al2O3 is prepared from bauxite and diaspore. For high purity white aluminium oxide, it is generally prepared by chemical methods. Aluminium hydroxide, the chemical formula Al(OH)3, is a hydroxide of aluminum. Aluminum hydroxide is also an amphoteric hydroxide that reacts with acids to form salts and water and reacts with strong bases to form salts and water. The chemical formula Al(OH)3 is a hydroxide of aluminum. It is also called aluminate (H3AlO3) because it has a certain acidity. 

However, when it is actually reacted with a base, a tetrahydroxyaluminate ([Al(OH)4]-) is formed. Therefore, it is usually regarded as monoammonium monohydrate (HAlO2·H2O), which is classified into industrial grade and pharmaceutical grade according to the application. The brown fused aluminum oxide dumping furnace can be dumped at a large angle after using the hydraulic dumping system. The maximum inclination angle is 80 degrees, and most of the ferrosilicon alloy liquid at the bottom of the furnace can be exhausted.(cheap white alumina powder wholesale supplier)

The main method of distinguishing them is that they can be distinguished from the appearance. Due to the characteristics of the hydraulic dumping system, it has already developed in the field of brown fused alumina smelting. The dumping process can be remotely controlled by the handle, which is highly automated, safe and stable. Unexpected events such as splashing may occur due to unstable furnace fluid during dumping, and automation of the dumping process may reduce the occurrence of personal injury accidents.(cheap white alumina powder wholesale supplier)

Of course, brown aluminum oxide hydraulic dumping also has some disadvantages: liquid is the working medium and is easy to leak. There are mechanical losses, pressure loss, and leakage loss in the hydraulic transmission, and the efficiency is low, so it is not suitable for long-distance transmission. The hydraulic transmission is sensitive to oil temperature and load changes, and is not suitable for use at low and high temperatures, and is very sensitive to pollution. Hydraulic drives require separate sources of energy (such as hydraulic pumping stations), and hydraulics cannot be transmitted from a distance like electricity.

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