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Cheap White Fused Alumina Wholesale Price

Due to the performance advantages of white aluminium oxide, such as high hardness, good toughness, high specific gravity, and no harmful substances, it plays an important role in the international blast cleaning industry. However, besides white corundum, black silicon carbide, green silicon carbide and other abrasives are often used for blasting, what are the main advantages of white fused alumina compared to their main advantages? In addition, the proportion of glass beads and white fused alumina in sand blasting What is the specific number?

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It is understood that in all kinds of abrasive grinding materials, the advantages of white corundum mainly include the following: the amount of dust is very small. The more black corundum products are used, the more flexible the demand is. The more substitutes a product has, the closer the substitutes are, the more flexible the demand is. Because there are more substitutes, the price will rise, consumers will buy other products, for large For most products, the increase in sales will be more pronounced when the product is at a higher price.

(cheap white fused alumina wholesale price)This ensures operator health and safety and improves operator visibility. Compared with slag (the slag formation process is to use high temperature cooling with cold water or even sea water, so the glass phase structure is formed, which is brittle). Because the slag is relatively brittle, it is easy to be crushed and formed during the blasting process. Particles brown fused alumina price. Due to the relatively small specific gravity of the slag, small slag particles are suspended in the air, causing environmental pollution.

The white corundum currently used as a grinding medium accounts for 45% of all industrial use. The less white corundum, the better the matt effect, usually used as a white fused alumina for the grinding media. It is required that silicon carbide abrasive is composed of iron-aluminum garnet, which contains different major endmember molecules to meet the industry. Hardness requirements. Surface blasting with white corundum, due to its relatively high specific gravity, produces less dust during the spraying process.(cheap white fused alumina wholesale price)

White corundum is a natural environment-friendly abrasive crucible. The acceleration and velocity of particles in the airflow are the effects of white aluminum oxide inertia and particle size. The smaller the particles, the easier the acceleration, and therefore the higher the impact force impacts the surface of the object, resulting in a very high cleaning speed—typically, this speed (m2/hr) is twice as fast as other conventional abrasives. The ratio of glass beads to white fused alumina in sandblasting.(cheap white fused alumina wholesale price)

Approximately 4:1 (mainly based on the degree of matt that you observe the surface yourself, the use of glass pellets to the 1:1 ratio is available to customers). Add some white corundum to improve the efficiency of shot peening, and at the same time eliminate the slight scratches on the stainless steel surface. If it is a liquid blasting room, the amount of pink corundum sand added is about 75-125kg; the glass pill is added first according to the proportion, and the white corundum is added in multiple times, which makes it easier to control the surface matt effect.

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